Our Journey

I’d love to go places with you
Sometimes, knowing where we’re going
Would be of help

I’d love to hold your hand
As you take me places blind folded
I love surprises

But how long can this go on
You tell me, I say to you
We can’t take too many risks

Just as much as I love surprises
I’d also like to plan to enjoy better
Had I known where were going

If life is the journey we made ourselves
Wouldn’t it be nicer to know something
About the place you plan to take us

Photograph : Pexels

Ring… Ring…

I picked up the phone and dialed your number
There was not a single response from your end
I hung up thinking “it’s the usual” 
And got back to my mundane day

You called me up and I said “Hello”
And you asked me “how are you child?”
I sure felt awkward, but I knew darn well
That your memory was always by choice

It’s been a while since we spoke at all
Much has been said that cannot be undone
But it sure was good, to hear your voice
Even if it was just a “hello!, How are ya? Gotta go, Bye”

Photograph : Pexel

My Tale of Plastics

As a child of the 80’s, I remember going to school with my own water bottle; one that had water which I took to school from home. I always took adequate water from home, sometimes in a rather large water bottle and never resorted to getting it refilled. I reckon I had no option to do so. The water I brought from home was boiled tap water. My mother used to boil the water and strain it with a cheese cloth. As we grew older, my mother did not do the whole straining part. We used to have kettles which whistled; this indicated that the water was well boiled. So it was a matter of just filling a kettle with tap water, boiling it, and letting it cool down to room temperature and filling up your “water bottle” which came in many sizes, colors and shapes. Though I had seen many drinking off taps at the school and elsewhere, I never attempted it. I was clearly warned by my mother that I MUST NOT drink water straight off a tap. This was my life growing into teens and youth, where I literally carried a bottle of water from home.

Then came the age of being employed. I don’t recall the first time we started using water in plastic bottles labeled as ‘mineral water’. All I can recall of myself is carrying a bottle everywhere and then just getting it refilled at work from large water filters. Eventually, the habit of carrying a water bottle from home became ‘not a nice accessory’ to carry around. I remember how I started opting to just walking into a store and purchasing a 500ml whenever I was thirsty and then discarding empty plastic bottle into a bin. This became a habit – the normal way of life. No one carried a water bottle from home anymore and neither did I.

I remember in the 80’s and early 90’s plastics were few. Toys, furniture, household utensils were either glass, wood or metal. I remember seeing more glass, cardboards and metal in the house than plastics. Our plates were either porcelain, glass or metal. I don’t recall eating off a plastic plate as a child. Even sodas came in glass bottles. I remember my Coca-Cola in a nice sleek glass bottle. We would keep a deposit when purchasing a glass bottle and when we return the empty bottle, that amount would be reimbursed. I recall going to the grocery store where dry rations such as sugar was put into a instantly handmade cone like shaped container made out of paper. I remember even meats and fish being wrapped up in paper. Things like jam, sauces etc were all in glass jars and similar to the soda bottles whenever we returned the empty jars we would get a tiny discount on our next purchase. Life was simple. Most toys were made of cloth, rubber, metal or wood. I don’t recall a toy which was completely made of plastic except for things like dolls.

Then came the era of plastic, so much plastic that it is now a pollution. Everywhere I looked its plastic, be it a toy, a grocery bag (which we call a “shopping bag”); even chairs and tables for everyday use. I suppose as I was growing up, I was too ignorant of how plastics would one day impact our beautiful earth. They are everywhere now. I reckon it’s in our food, water and even as residue in our own bodies. There are more plastics in our average garbage than there is anything else. Plastic has become the consistent, cheap, lightweight, long lasting material which everyone seems to own in some manner or the other. When the plastics came in to everyday use, every one would shop for fancy looking plastic containers to store their belongings. I am guilty of this too. I won’t be surprised the day we end up using plastic beds. Single use plastics has evidently become the main cause for enormous of amounts of pollution in our environment that we may very soon see more plastics in our oceans than the average fish.

Photo by Arnie Watkins on Pexels.com

I realized I had to make some effort in a personal capacity to put an end to this plastic outrage. What I have decided to do as an individual and as a family is to stop using in-store purchased water bottles. I would rather keep a glass bottle in the car, in my work place and perhaps carry a small bottle in my hand bag and use boiled water from home to refill it. Why encourage the sales of mineral water bottles off the shelf and contribute towards plastic pollution.

Although I am aware of PET recycling projects, I’d rather reduce my personal usage of plastic. Best to nip it in the bud, don’t you think?

Photo by Lucien Wanda on Pexels.com

Let me know your thoughts on how plastic pollution is affecting you, your environment and country. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

To Earth, With Love

Still above the earth, and very much on earth
I look back at my life and feel such gratitude.
You have been the earth, that I have traversed 
My beautiful place where I call home.

There were times of unspoken joy and sorrow
Yet I felt you in my soul.
In my most loneliest moments,
You listened to me as I kept ranting.

I’ve loved you dearly, since the day I came into being
The soil under my feet and the fresh air in my lungs.
I lavish everything you have provided me, 
The soil, the air, the waters and the trees.

I’ll love you much more as I grow old
Treasure you as my priceless gift.
So much so I want to leave you and travel far
And admire you from in the thick of the universe.

I hope I can give back to you all what you
Given me all through my life.
The day will come when I will be laid to rest,
Six feet under the beauty of your soil.

I will try and keep trying much more,
To preserve you and to nourish you.
Protect you from evil ways of my kind;
Stand up to guard you for as long as I live.

Photograph : Pexels

Writing with Rumi -1

Recently I received an idea from a fellow blogger about selecting a particular poem of Rumi and then either following its style and tone, or finding a creative way to respond to it. So, I am giving it a try here. Do leave your comments please.

Mystical Poems of Rumi
The heart is like a grain of corn, we are like a mill; how does the mill know why this turning?
The body is like a stone, and the water its thoughts;
stone says, “The water knows what is toward.”
The water says, “Ask the miller, for it was he who flung this water down.”
The miller says to you, “Bread-eater, if this does not turn, how shall the crumb-broth be?”
Much business is in the making; silence, ask God, that He may tell you.

And my response to the above Poem as below.

I ask God in silence, why things are the way they are.
He says “Safeguard your heart; for everything you do flows from it”
Then I question, “But what about the water; do they not rise from my heart?”
God tells me “I do NOT control your thoughts but I know your thoughts”
The thoughts of my heart washes the stone, my body
The Bread eater depends on the Miller;  He sees all and knows all.
The Mills are mere vessels, to bring His purpose about.

Photograph : Pexels

It Matters to me

How you feel and what you think
It matters to me
Why you do what you do and don’t
They both matter to me

If you ain’t going to speak your mind
How am I to know what’s going on
In your beautiful mind
It matters to me

So darling don’t be afraid
Just know that I am here
Just speak to me
It matters to me

I will try to understand 
In every way I can 
Cos it’s you 
And you matter to me

Photograph : Pexels

Covid Diaries 9 : Boredom

As an individual who could get bored very easily, I sometimes struggle to find ways to keep myself interestingly occupied. The lock down last year, even if it was for just 03 months took a huge toll on my life, as I am not the kind who is very good at being restricted indoors.

Recently, I came across this great article about how Boredom could actually benefit one’s Creativity. My favourite pick from this article was the quote below by Sandi Mann, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and the author of The Science of Boredom.

Hope you find this article of some use : How to be creative in isolation

Covid Diaries 8 : Lockdowns and peaceful coexistence

Covid-19 threw the entire earth into a frenzy with locking us humans in our homes for not days, nor weeks but months. And just as we thought it was contained and the situation was improving the second and a third wave have been sweeping the globe with countries and cities going into a second and third lock down. Who knows how many lockdowns we would have to face until this is actually over for good or contained in some manner where it becomes just another flu.

However, during this lockdown period  I observed that that every single human being has been through some level of emotional and mental stress. Some have been feeling extremely lonely, especially if they were alone in their homes. Then, there are others who did have others living with them and still felt lonely, irritated or had very low tolerance levels being stuck indoors.

With the likelihood that more lockdowns are in the near future, I thought of a few scenarios of how these personalities would have either thrived or perished during this period of being stuck indoors with little or no access to the world outside.

  1. I would think that those who are completely living by themselves may have suffered the most. But, that all depends on if they are Extroverts, Introverts, Ambiverts or Omniverts. I believe an introvert would have lavished the fact that were completely out of reach from society, and would have enjoyed it the most. Whereas the Extroverts may have suffered quite a bit without the actual physical element of human company, despite all the social media options available these days. I mean, you could be interacting with so many, on all sorts of video/ texts etc, but in the physical absence of a human being would have created a vacuum.
  2. An Introvert & an Extrovert stuck together under the same roof during lockdown- not too sure how that would have gone well for either parties.
  3. Introverts or Extroverts in their own separate groups. I guess that would have been quite successful. You’d either sit all day in your corners reading books or you’d be playing board games, finding ways to have fun and keep yourselves busy and entertained.
  4. Omniverts / Ambiverts with Introverts & Extroverts. This would have been quite handy as well given that Omniverts and Ambiverts can scale up and down as an Introvert or an Extrovert based on external factors and also have the capabilities to switch when required.

All in all, these are tough times for all of humanity. Whether we like it or not, we are bound to face some sort of a lockdown at least a couple of more times, and we are bound to be either to ourselves or with other members under one roof.

Let us understand who we are, and what others are in terms of their personalities, so we can co-exit well and get through this madness.

Remember, Now is not Forever!

Photograph : Pexels

Appreciating the Roots

As a habit I have attempted to watch the first movie of a favorite director, read the first novel of my favorite author, listen to the first song of my favorite musician, take time to locate the first ever image posted on a fellow IGer’s account. In this case, I make some effort to locate the first post of interesting bloggers I come across WordPress.
This gesture is a personal to me as this way I am getting to know the individuals’ work. I firmly believe it’s always good to know where someone started off. Their end may be absolutely victorious or an utter failure. Again, this is based on how different individuals measure success and failure.

In my view, it is important that I observe and value their beginnings – their roots. And then to watch their work as the years pass on. It is like watching a seed sprout into a plant. Naturally, I would only see the plant when its first shoots surface above the earth, but I am aware that a lot of energy has been worked on to develop its root system which will eventually support the growth or the demise of the tree. I think it is a very kind gesture which we all can practice by appreciating someone for where they started off in their journey. I believe that they will benefit enormously knowing that someone appreciate not just their current state but also where they made their first baby steps.
My niece and nephew who are 5 and 7 years of age, get so excited seeing their own footprints in a glass framed box which my sister fondly display in their home. Even little ones appreciate the beginning of a journey. Just in case the artist or the writer we admire devotedly is having a rough patch in their life right now, I believe this gesture may shower them with some encouragement and motivation to never give up. So why don’t you consider encouraging someone today. Trust me, you don’t have to lose an arm or a leg to do this.

Photograph : Pexels

Just Breathe

When the lights turn off 
And darkness surrounds me
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

When the ones I love turns against me
With lies and remorseful words
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

When all my dreams are washed ashore
No hope that lingers on
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

As I pick up my strength and battle on
Find ways to forgive and forget
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

As I believe for some transformation
Slowly rising in the horizon
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

When all is done and dusted
And there’s nothing left to look behind
I close my eyes and tell myself “Just Breathe”

I look up and watch the night sky
Watch the stars in all its course
I am at peace as I just breathe

Photograph : Pexels

Bible Rock rocks!

I took a deep breath and exhaled ever so loud as if I was blowing air into a balloon. I was working on my “power step technique” which I read recently, about those who struggle to get enough oxygen into their lungs when hiking. I’ve been climbing uphill on this concrete road for the past one hour. This is purely due the fact that the car we were in could not go any further. We reached a certain obstacle of not being able to drive the car beyond a particular point due to very low ground clearance. The morning rain and dew, made the road which was currently under construction (which was just about the width of the car itself) very slippery and we had some struggle trying to get the car reversed all the way back downhill, for an appropriate place for parking. The car was skidding very heavily and was bathed with mud. I have not had proper rest last night, I ended up eating a rather bland and tasteless fish and chips at a restaurant for dinner. To add to my misery, I had some beer to wash it all down. But that was last night! I just wished right now as I was panting away, catching my breathe, that I had not had that beer, not eaten that rubbish for dinner, and had found some means of rest during the previous day. I have had very little sleep throughout the night, all in anticipation of this hike. On this glorious Sunday morning, when the sun is out and everything was nice and hot, I definitely did not consider my current state of self as the fittest self, but I had planned this hike since the beginning of this month with two others. I was afraid of my own self; afraid that I would not be able to summit the rock, despite the wonderful steps which were carved out most throughout the trek. I was not clear about the leech situation and I decided to wear my leech socks. This added to the pain of carrying myself up this mountain on a hot and humid day. I am thirsty, but I do not want to drink water excessively, as I would have to worry about emptying my bladder.

Finally, I reached the actual starting point of the trek to the top of the rock. I was delighted to find a tiny kiosk set by a lady in the village. She had some sweets and snacks. “cool drink?” I asked her panting. She then spoke to me in Sinhalese acknowledging they had chilled drinks. She asked me to take a seat. It was a hot and I was perspiring to the extent where my clothes were soaking. Again, as for clothing, I had decided to wear something different and my body was not comfortable with this new t-shirt I wore. My head felt light. I sat on something which looked like a stump of a tree made into a bench. It was stable, but slightly wobbly as I sat on it cautiously.
I looked at the other two who were keeping me company. Not a sight of sweat, even on their brows. They were chirpy and lively. I, on the other hand was about to pass out in the absence of a cold drink. “Miss, give me a few minutes. We are getting you the cool drink” said the lady. Lo and behold we see a lady old enough to be our granny running something like a 100m dash to a house close by. The other two started a guffaw. “Ha ha. Ro! I bet you can’t even keep to the pace of that granny” they laughed at me. I thought it was funny. It helped me to loosen up my nerves and tiredness so I joined them in their hysterical laughter.

The granny returns with a large bag and a few chilled sodas in it. She was not panting, nor looking tired from her feat of running a 100 meter dash. She opened the bag and said “sorry this is all we have in the fridge”. With an appreciative smile I say, “Thank you very much”. There in the bag were three varieties of 500ml soda bottles. There was no Coca-Cola to my utmost disappointment, so I just picked up the Pepsi. I took a few sips and then just used the bottle to cool down my body by dabbing my face and neck. I felt refreshed and energized instantly with the sensation of the ice on my skin. We thanked the granny and the lady at the kiosk and began our actual hike to the summit of what we call “The Bible Rock”. It’s got its name due to its geographical placement, which made it look rectangular, resembling an upright open bible.

The path was made easy with man made cement steps and a few areas of natural texture and soil with rocks and boulders. Due to the energy which I had wasted on getting to the starting point of the trail, I was beginning to feel exhausted. A fellow hiker tells me this hike is categorized as “Easy”. I laugh to myself. Here I am, with an ambition of wanting to take up serious hiking. I was not too sure I can even consider what was called a “Medium” hike. There were probably 04 more categories above easy. I was encouraged to not give up. So I put my mind to work, telling my body to keep at it.

We somehow make it to the top and the view is simply breathtaking. The panoramic views just made me forget about my aching limbs. We find our own corner on top of the rock, and chill out. We snack on the little goodies and refresh ourselves with the Pepsi which was still holding its cool. Some water dabbed on my face and arms helped me to just unwind. We enjoy the picturesque scenes and take plenty of photographs. I lay there on an edge closing my eyes with my hat on my face to cover myself of sunburnt. I closed my eyes and listened to the surrounding sounds of nature. What I loved most was the burning hot sun on my skin but the sound of the wind which reach me on and off cooling me away. I felt tranquility; I felt peace; I felt I was home.
Up there I thought to myself “Everything was perfect. The mental trials I had to overcome to get up here is totally worth it.” I uttered a few words from my thankful heart. “Everything is eventual with nature” I said to myself.

Photograph : RosheyFotografie

Oh H2O!

When I can’t sleep, all I want is to listen to you
If you don’t show up, I just listen to you on youtube
When my body is battered with stress all I need is you
Just basking my skin in you for hours helps me unwind

When my eyes are exhausted looking at all kinds of screens
I just want to set my gaze upon you as you crash on the shores
Sometimes I just love to spend my feet dipped in your coolness
Only you, you and you alone can quench my thirst

How I wish I could just have you with me always
To enjoy the cool breeze and the serenity you bring
A drop or two of you on my skin after a hike is such a bliss
How I love to swim through your veins like a fish in the ocean

I’d love you experience you in more than one way you know
You change so soon based on your mood and I suppose
Hot or cold you’re the best I have on this earth
I sure will miss you if you choose to disappear

I love you too much that I had to take your name!

Photograph :Rosheyfotografie

Over the Wall

You held my hand and looked me in the eye
“Hold on tight. Don’t think too much”
Those words were not enough for me to get by
So you came up with a state of mind just for me

You said “Think of it as a very high wall
I will climb this wall with you holding your hand
You must trust me as I will be there all along
As we climb up this wall hand in hand”

I said “But I don’t think I have the strength
To even reach the start of climbing of this wall
It’s just way to hard of a journey for me
I am just too feeble and exhausted”

You said “Trust me when I say this to you
All you have to do is focus what on the other side
You cannot see what a beautiful world is waiting
Waiting for your and me to explore”

I said “ I don’t understand! What do you mean
Help me see what’s on the other side of the wall”
You said “It’s a beautiful meadow and a beautiful house
A home waiting for you and me”

Time went on and you held my hand
We both climbed that giant wall
What I saw was just not a house in the meadow
But an entire new city with lots of new sights

I forgot you helped me up there
I forgot it was you who saw me through
I was too excited with the freedom I had just received
I decided to just run, run and run

In the process of searching for my freedom
I was confused with all the stardom
I took off so fast leaving you behind
You remained in the house on the meadow

I had it all in the city which I found
Years gone by and rush now dead
Regrets and nothing but regrets
I should have never let go of your hand

How I wish for that home in the meadow
The peace and tranquility that I am far from
I returned to that home in the meadow recently
Only to find it was empty and abandoned

The Spell

I heard to you speak and I saw you smile
I watched every single move of yours from afar
It feels like forever though it was just yesterday

My soul longs to embrace you and be one with you
But you are always so far away beyond my reach
It feels like forever, but it was just yesterday

I know your scent even when you are not in the room
You are always on my mind even when we are apart
It feels like forever, though it was just yesterday

You’ve held me in your arms I never wanted to go
You’ve given me that look which lingers on within me
It feels like forever, though it was just yesterday

I long to hear your voice, come serenade me
I want to see your gaze, come overwhelm me
It feels like forever, but it was just yesterday

You’ve cast a spell on me, just yesterday
I’ve been mesmerized with the beauty of your soul
Will you ever undo this spell upon me, I don’t know
It feels like forever even if it was just yesterday
I’m still under your spell and that’s there to stay

Photograph : Pexels

Life is Life

What is life, if you  cannot breathe the air freely

What is life, if life itself comes with a price tag

What is life, if you have no choices to make for yourself

What is life, if you are paying the price continuously

If life was to get brighter and better for you one day

What advice will you share with the young

Do they deserve to roll on with the same old story

That you and I once made for ourselves

What is life, if all you see grey all over

What is life, when there’s no black and white

What is life, if you can’t seem to make it brighter

What is life if, if all you do get is old and fray

If life threw some surprises will you take them

What things would you do different than yesterday

Do you see your life flashing before you at times

That does not mean you are going forever anytime soon

Photograph : Pexels


Time and again I feel this looming gaze over me

Every second of the day watching over me

It is such a deep seal that I feel

Your obnubilation gives me a creepy feel

It may be good if you just let me be

Without obsessing so much about me

I’d rather let some light and sun come through

Would you be so kind to enubilate me

At times I believe its nice to have you either way

“Your always on my mind” I hear you say

Enubilate or Obnubilate, eitherway

Your presence always linger within me

Photograph : Pexels

Take me with you

I will lay myself upon you in sunny weather
Let you float me away just like a feather
Along your ravines and boulders
Into the peaceful banks yonder

Take me downstream with all your falls
I’d like the rush of adrenaline in my veins
I can handle the pain and the bruises
I will not mind the danger and the thrills

Along the miles of my thrilling journey
Let me see and feel your power
I know you would not let me bury
Deep within your dark misery

After all the rush has come to an end
I will enjoy the hush in the end
The peace of floating to and fro
Watching the starlit skies above

Tis the sun has set and the moon arise
Glistening on your serene bodies
The cool stillness of the night so calm
Let me rest and fall asleep in your arms

Photograph : Pexels

What about Us

You look me in the eye and say you don’t love me
But you touch me in all the places a lover would touch me
No matter where you go around you always return to me
What about that then, you and I

You tell me I look fine and you love the skin on me
I tell you I will die loving you even if you don’t want me
I know you lie cos you love to play hide and seek with me
What about that then, you and I

You tell me I don’t know you like you know me
You shy away when I catch you with your gaze on me
I tell you all the time of who you are to me
What about that then, you and I

How long do you think we will last, you and I
Will we ever give into each other’s passions, you and I
I know I am on your mind even when you reject me
You are a bad liar and I am an honest fool

Photograph : Pexel


The less he hears of her 
The best it is for him
The father away he is from her
The best it is for her
The less they see each other
The best it is for them both

The further you are away from each other
The less likely you are to see each other
The further the time zones of each other
The less you are to be online together

The more you are away from each other
The best to forget and move on from each other
You won’t remember what you don’t see frequently
You won’t remember what you don’t hear frequently
Time will pass and soon it will be forgotten
Forgotten as if each other never existed

If they were to meet again, they would be nothing but strangers, mere aliens!

Photograph : Pexel

A Dream: Visit from the Universe

It was the two of us and your friend chucky. We took a trip the cool climes and the mountains. I remember getting there late at night in Chucky’s jeep up to the mountains. We were exhausted and it was cold and we wanted to sort ourselves to get some sleep. Whilst you both were busy unloading our camping gear I was standing there in pitch darkness. I could see twinkling lights afar in the distant mountains – homes with thier lanterns and some with a light bulb. The head lights of the jeep just gave a creepy feeling to the night with the cold mist just floating by.

I looked up at the sky and and I could not believe my eyes. “Hey Guys. You have got to see this” I told them excited like a child. We were awe struck by the display of the sky. We saw other galaxies and possibly some other matters of the universe with our naked eye. It was astonishing- something out of a NASA magazine book or their IG page. The colors were just beautiful, like fireworks and sparkles of various colors. Pinks, reds, yellows, orange and blues; we saw such mind blowing works of the universe. We lay there on the ground talking fewer words here and there. When we remembered that we had our phones, we took them out and we kept trying to capture these images as our naked eyes saw them. But it was not the same. So we just kept the phones aside and began to enjoy.

In my frail human mind, I was thinking to myself about my long standing dream of wanting to be an astronaut -just to travel into space and to see the beautiful display of the universe. I was thinking of how I would be when I returned from my first space journey. If life of earth would begin to feel insignificant and so small. The people and the friends I know, all that I knew on planet earth would probably be so tiny; nothing, but a mere speck of dust in the eyes of the universe. And then, I was thankful in my heart at that very moment, where I lay on bare earth with rocks and grass, that the universe decided to show up for me and put on this spectacular display in the night sky. It was a more than just a surprise.

In my heart I said “Thank you” but that thank you was multiplied into the power of infinity. That’s how grateful I felt.

As the first light of the morning arrived. I remember waking up in a tiny space; something we call line houses in the estates. We had slept in such a place and nothing quite mattered to us after such an awesome night. We refreshed ourselves and began on our hiking – the very reason we had planned this trip in Pussellawa – a place I have never visited before. Chucky was stating about some missing connections to a certain trail being fixed, apparently they have connected it with a stone bridge. I am very excited about this trail. But, I could not think of anything else after having my experience with the universe the previous night.

Photograph: Pexel

Must watch Films of all time

Recently, a fellow blogger here on wordpress requested that I share a list of my all time favourite movies. The thing with me and films (I prefer to call it a film rather than a movie) is that I tend to mix up the title of the film with the actual storyline depicted in it. But bits and pieces remain in my memory. Because of this I am told that I am blessed as I can keep watching the same movie over and over again even decades apart and I wouldn’t necessarily remember everything. I am a film buff and enjoy a variety of genres.

So here goes my list of some one of my all time favourite films which I have enjoyed over the years.

  1. Love Actually (2003) – this is by far the best Christmas film ever made (in my opinion) I have done a separate review about this movie here
  2. Schindlers List (1993)
  3. The Bucket List (2007)
  4. The Darjeeling Limited (2007)
  5. 127 Hours (2010)
  6. Hearts In Atlantis (2001)
  7. Boyhood (2014)
  8. Catch and Release (2006)
  9. City of Angels (1998)
  10. Hidden Figures (2016)
  11. Interstellar (2014)
  12. Into the Wild (2007)
  13. Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
  14. Just Like Heaven (2005)
  15. The Holiday (2006)
  16. Perfume (2006)
  17. The Pianist (2002)
  18. Machine Gun Preacher (2011)
  19. Dirty Dancing (1987)
  20. Nacho Libre (2006)

I hope that you will take some time to watch some of the films I have recommended in this post. Let me know know your thoughts in the comments section please.

I saw you last night

I saw you with her last night
You held her in your arms kissing her lips
She had her hands cling on your hair as you kissed her
I was standing right there watching you both

I wanted to close my eyes but someone held them open
I wanted to turn my face but I felt the forceful grip
I couldn’t move my face or neck to look away
I knew I was forced to look at you

I begged the forces to cut me loose
I wanted to come and slap you but then again
You looked so happy and loved in her arms
I then changed my mind to run away

I could not fathom how much you seemed to be in love
I remembered us that way many years ago
I wondered how, when and why this all happened
It was just yesterday, when you said you loved me forever

Photograph : Pexels

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