Less Talk

A friend of mine was sharing a story about how her life has become a very quiet one. She is a girl I've known to be all bubbly, upbeat and adventerous. She no longer seems to have any of those traits - It's sad and at times I see her as a stranger I never... Continue Reading →


Sour Grapes

There are somethings in life despite being good too hard to achieve or own. Even with the purest of good intentions I wonder why some things in life just don't come your way or have a happily ever after ending. Somewhere down that path you begin to sulk, you are drawn to memories of past... Continue Reading →

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Been There. Doing This.

Ongoing notes about what I'm studying.

Elan Mudrow


The Renegade Press

Tales from the mouth of a wolf

The Curious Jester

evocative and insightful (hopefully) - with a sense of humor (sometimes)

A Writer's Soul

"Diving into a writers soul is discovering the broken treasure and beautiful mysteries that make you gasp for air."


Blue Fences

The Paragraph

(in a piece of writing) one of a series of subsections each usually devoted to one idea and each usually marked by the beginning of a new line, indentation, increased interlinear space, etc

thoughts, musings, and stuff

poetry, mental health, and ideas on life

Pointless Overthinking

Understanding myself and the world I live in.

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