Pause & Ponder

So this is a new decade. I am an old soul which has seen a few decades gone by. And as I think I may have now become older and wiser ( with some generous greys) I have decided that I will try my best to do some things differently this year. It is 2020... Continue Reading →

Hey there 2020!

Hey there 2020! thank you for swinging by 2019 was challenging and I needed you to come by I look forward to the sweet memories you'd bring by Hey there 2020! Cheers to a new decade - I'll take you down! Here's Wishing Everyone a fantastic 2020! My wish for you is that you... Continue Reading →

Thoughts. Words. Actions.

Thoughts thought “ I am cool”, Words said “ I am cooler”, Actions acted ‘I am the coolest” Thoughts thought “I need to be disciplined”, Words said “Remember, I need to be disciplined more”, Actions acted “I will discipline you” Thoughts thought “Make myself useful”, Words said “How may I help?”, Actions acted “Happy to... Continue Reading →

ShortStory: Hey Stranger…

Short Story : Hey Stranger (Part 1) by Salina Kishinchand

Sal’s Innovative Thoughts & Creations!

While crossing the road holding an umbrella in one hand and my handbag on the other shoulder, I bumped into a thoroughly drenched stranger.
I looked closer at him, and I couldn’t believe how good looking he really was.

It looked like he had just left the office and was running late for a meeting.I looked at him once again, smiled, and decided to create some small talk with him.

“Hey stranger, it’s raining!”
I laughed the minute I made that statement. 

He looked at me, and around at the pouring rain and laughed loudly.
“Oh, really? Whatever gave you that idea?”

I looked at him and laughed even louder.

“Yeah, I’m fully wet, and you caught that, huh?”
I smiled at him.
“Yes, it’s a little tough not to notice!”
“Would you like to share an umbrella with me?”

He gave me the brightest smile while considering what…

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Abandoned Shuttles From The Soviet Space Program — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Bob Thissen is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. From the ‘Baikonur Abandoned Space Shuttles’ series. To see Bob’s body of work, click on any photograph. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world’s oldest and largest operational space launch facility. Yuri Gagaran was shot into space […]Abandoned Shuttles From The Soviet Space Program... Continue Reading →

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