Chasing Time

We all have dreams big or small, simple or complicated - still they are all dreams We all have goals we would like to acheive in our life time Whether pratical or not some even unrealistic in the eyes of others It doesnt matter what others think or say about your dreams and goals It... Continue Reading →


Think or Feel

So you think I what is feel is what I think How silly of you to come to a conclusion as this You ought to know by now more about me My experiences are more of what I feel than think Next time you make your silly jokes about  Things that matter to me and... Continue Reading →

Listening – A Helping Skill — Soul Searching

One of the best ways to help someone is to simply, listen. Listen to your family, friends, employees, co-workers, the janitor, the guards, the person at the sales counter, the barista, the person on the bus…anyone! When people are allowed to voice their opinions, vent, and speak about issues they are experiencing, they release built […]... Continue Reading →

Warning: your belief in the so-called “work-life balance” is ruining your life — Cristian Mihai

Work-life balance. Financial freedom. Self-help. Motivation. Lifestyle advice. The “ten minutes” this or that. The “five steps to” this or that. The easy way. The shortcut you never knew needed. Building a life you’re proud of. Somehow managing to come up with more than twenty four hours in a day, so you get to do […]... Continue Reading →

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