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Kick start to 2017!

For several years, I have been maintaining a journal with a maximum of 10 points that I would love to achieve during the year. You may call it the new year resolutions; but for me, it’s more than that. This motivates me to keep on moving when times are not so great and I am rather low on my energy levels and enthusiasm.

These are handwritten short sentences well spaced out on a full page, leaving space to update and tick off a point when I have accomplished it. I believe it is a good way to maintain personal goals for life. (We all need and must maintain personal goals for life,if we intend to grow and live life to its fullest.

My points range from simple things to rather bigger dreams such as travelling into space or simply learning to cook a new dish.

What’s intriguing about this method for me is that, there are some goals which would have seemed very insignificant at the time I wrote them down; but achieving them many years later. Had I not maintained a consistent journal every year with these goals, I would have never remembered I had such a goal nor noticed I have achieved it few years down the line.

It is a good way to get your children and youngsters to start doing this at an early age; after all it is a healthy habit that will have its rewards as the child grows up into an adult.I am sure it would be so nostalgic when one browses the journals of many years gone by only to realize that over time they have achieved many of it into detail.

So why not start this habit this year. Make 2017 count.

After all, it is written that all our days are numbered !

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