A brief walk through the brief

For those who are unfamiliar with my island nation Sri Lanka, we are geographically situated in the Indian ocean just a bit below India. And no, we are not part of India (Indian friends please don’t take any offense), we are a nation of our own with rich heritage and vibrant culture, predominantly with Buddhists and minorities of Hindus, Catholics, Christians and Islamist.

This poem is dedicated to Bevis Bawa and his garden the brief

Here we were on a typical family holiday with family
In Bentota the coastal sun kissed Southern Sri Lanka
I was bored of resting which is normal and usual

“Hey lets go see some places around us would you be keen?”
I threw a question at my poor husband who was resting
“Yes sure, you decide and let me know while I close my eyes” he said

Thank you googlemaps what will we do without you
I saw something that caught my eye called “The Brief”
Curiosity killed the cat they say but not for me
Investigating for online reviews I got all thrilled

So it was a drive for less than an hour by car
Lo and behold! we reached the narrow road not far
A winding driveway with fields of Rubber afar

The little path leading to the entry point was smashing
With all these tall palm trees on either side swaying
The lush varieties of greens so warmly rewarding

A man stood by the doorway with the tickets we needed
Not through the door which he came out but gate he pleaded
It was indeed another world when once the gate was opened

Trees of all kinds of colour,foilage and blossoms
A tropical jungle with a narrow winding path going places
My eyes were serenading at its beauty with glances
“Jungle Book” I remembered from reviews online

The smells of all kinds of leaves and flowers
A jungle with trees so tall, no sun at times
We felt like little children let loose
Discovering and wandering all sorts of pathways

There are little secret pathways to wander off
Choose to leave the main path you’ll miss thereof
The strange surprise that awaits for you whereof
A beautifully landscaped garden hereof

The distant hills and plantations from the front
A majestic house sits on the highest in the back
Sway around and let the panoramic view embrace you
To me twas a tiered green cake with an icing house on top

Take a brief walk through the brief
Built by Bevis Bawa the man himself
A walk through the house you will discover
Why the “The Brief” was called the ” The Brief”

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Photographs by : RosheY Fotografie

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