My Restless Brain

It’s one of those days of the week where my brain just runs wild

With thoughts, ideas, reviews, people, images and imaginations

It’s an outburst of somethings which never seems to end – a song that never stops

A movie which keeps rolling – wanting to learn a language or play the bass

All kinds of things and musings in my poor restless brain!


My brain is filled with stories untold, songs unsung, music never played

The mental notes just keep playing its tunes over and over again

I close my eyes hoping to silence my mind and make my brain stop

Calm myself and take a few deep slow breaths – hoping to slow down

But its just another day in my restless brain!


I know not what to do with my restless brain at times like these

Unless to just let it exhaust itself to boredom and tiredness

And then again when I take a breath and think its all over

Here goes, all over again my restless brain!


Colors of my heart

Paint my rooms with colors of this world

ROYGBIV is all we have off a rainbow

Bedroom is where I want to start

Two sides the sea and all its splendor

Meadows and orchards color my heart

Up on the ceiling starry skies at night

Living room with light shades of violets

Silver blue soft designs of musical scales

Crochets and quavers – rests and scales

Kitchen with shades of whites and browns

A little bit of greenery to add appetite

Library with soft yellows and sunset-dawns

Peaceful but not enough to keep me awake

Baths make me feel swimming in the sea

Just clear blues and bit of shells

Studio not much of a choice but black

It’s where I do my serious work

Losing Hope

So I’ve heard that the last string someone holds on to their dear life, is Hope. If you have Hope you have the will to fight and the strength to go one. However, what do you say to someone whose at the brim of loosing Hope?

When they have tried all options which matter to them and it all seemed a miserable failure and there is no more to hold on to, not even Hope! That’s what I call loosing Hope.

And then someone else has said that Religion is a form of giving Hope. Firstly, I do not believe in the thing called “Religion”. I choose to define it as a Divine relationship.

Yet again, what do you tell someone who has this Divine relationship (the belief of something like a Religion known to the rest of world) but has severely failed in life – may be due to bad choices and listening to the wrong voices? No matter how faithful they have been to the cause and their belief in the Divine relationship – the truth is they have failed and not picked up from where they tripped. But tried really hard in every humanely possible way.

I honestly would not know how I could encourage someone in this situation. If you’ve read all the way upto the end of this post, it means you were interested in what was being said. Therefore, I request of you to please state your thoughts / views on same in the comments.

Thank You!


My Urban Life

“Where do broken wings go –  to only places they know..”
(to the tune of where do broken hearts go)

Ooops, sorry did you think I had actual broken wings?
Certainly not! fine wings I have just trying to sing a song
I heard play in this little apartment I’ve made home
These are the bestest humans in the world I must say

They feed me and don’t mind sunbathing in their flowerpots
Once in a while inside their home I do take some strolls
And Oh! they also switch off the ceiling fans when I am around
What a life-  Just a blissful one – My Urban Life!


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