Less Talk

A friend of mine was sharing a story about how her life has become a very quiet one. She is a girl I’ve known to be all bubbly, upbeat and adventerous. She no longer seems to have any of those traits – It’s sad and at times I see her as a stranger I never met before!

She told me how she her life is less talk and more tears. I wondered if she was stepping into a form of depression. Well, she is not! At least not reached that place yet. And I for one, surely will try my best to not allow her to get any close to depression of any form.

She tells me of how her life has become somewhat boring –  the mundane things in life causing her to have the blues. She wants to get out more and socialize and be the social butterfly she used to be. But, something she is not telling me tells me that at this point in her life, after marriage she has succumbed to somewhat of the feeling of not having the actual freedom she used to have to be herself.

I tried to question her state of mind more deeply and found out that she wants to be happy, adventerous and bubbly, but her spouse has drawn upon her such sadness and quietness- too much of this quietness is killing her adverterous bubbly spirit.

For sure, she is not the type who has few words and neither thinks too long before she speaks; she is more of the spontaneous chatterbox who just speaks her minds, not caring too much of what others have to say.

So, is it possible that in a marraige where the spouse is a quiet lonely character could actually influence the other and imprint thier emotional traits making the other into something that they are not? This certainly baffles me !

If you are reading this, I would very much appreciate to know your thoughts on same!


Sour Grapes

There are somethings in life despite being good too hard to achieve or own. Even with the purest of good intentions I wonder why some things in life just don’t come your way or have a happily ever after ending. Somewhere down that path you begin to sulk, you are drawn to memories of past that reminds you of things you did achieve or obtain, the moments of laughter that will remain with you forever. Then why is it now that things are just not activating the way they should have? If you have an answer to that please do leave me your comments. I’d really appreciate that!

There are desires of the heart that wanders away when the basics of life does not seem to tally with who you are and where you want to be. These desires are like wild sheep just wandering away without their shepherd. They need guidance and discipline. However, these desires are sometimes running wild simply because you are no longer the shepherd. The result of these may be that the interests you have had a few years ago in life may no longer be of the same interest. And one may ask you ” But, how come you are not into X,Y,Z?” and then you just calmly tell them ” Well, my interests have changed”. But for those who’ve known you well enough even for a short period of time may be alarmed at some of the change of interests in your life. They would question you further to find out the real reasons behind your loss of interest in the things which you we once so passionate of. To such people in your life, they know you too well to know that something is not quite right! And they may be concerned about you genuinley. It is only then you wonder, why you’ve let those desires wander away from you, irrespective of where you are at, in life right now.

So don’t let those grapes which you have desired for so long become sour. Let them be the sweet grapes which you had always imagined and desired it to be! Don’t let it become your sour grapes!


shallow focus photography of purple grapes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Cartoonified – Felonius Gru

So, this is to my imagination of actual human beings who suddenly transform into cartoon characters. (not necessarily just human, but animals.. trees etc)

It’s not just that they remind me of cartoons, but I imagine what they would be like in the cartoon world.. how they would look, what they’d wear and how they’d talk, smile or frown. And then there are times when I see cartoon characters’ names in real life; and it is quite amusing to see how they resemble their fellow cartoon character with the same name. (I am so tempted to quote a name here but I will refrain from doing so) 

So recently, I’ve been grouping some characters together and making them a family. It’s quite fun what goes on in my head.

For example, I now have in my list three men whom I feel resembles Felonius Gru. I would have loved to mention their names, but I cannot.  One from work, one from a mutual group of friends and the other a musician.

image : kca.mundonick.com

The musician, a good friend of mine, he has much longer hair than Gru and has such an innocent face of that of a pet hamster. Trust me, he has been in existence long before Gru was ever thought of. Now that people know Gru, I believe that my musician friend could be mistaken with Felonuis Gru with much longer hair if he were to be seen walking in the dark; his silhouette unmistakably Gru.

The one from work, I barely know him personally. But from the very first day I noticed him, he just reminded me of Gru. This one’s hair-line is perfect with that of Gru’s, and does a lot of hang gestures when speaking and paces across the room like a really stressed out character, when the other he is speaking with is as calm as a cucumber. So you can imagine what tales generate in my mind.

And finally, the last of the Gru’s is the mutual friend– now he is always looking worried. Even before the problem is thought of he is looking worried, sounding worried but all the form and posture of Gru.

I must say that none of the above humans look evil in any way. They all look innocent, but their posture, physical and personality attributes reminds me of good ol’ Gru.

Peace with Oneself

Its hard when life is hard and that is hard on onself

You’d say its selfish, cowardly or evil to think of oneself

But what better way than trying to move on with oneself

Better peace with oneself than gain with all other selves

There would be something better on the other side for oneself


That Girl!

She left her home in the middle of the night with just pack of cigarettes and a matchbox. This is a strange land that she had been living in with this stranger made lover. She had no clue for how long she could be trapped; everyone else thought she was wrapped in his arms.

Hastily walking away she pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, inhaling the it deep in and the smell of nicotine arousing her senses mixing with the cold nights air. She thought many things to herself even I couldn’t express them here. She smiled, she laughed, she cried, she screamed. She was just a silhouette just breezing through the pitch dark night with the flickering of her cigarette. One by one they were emptied from the box. It kept her warm and alive as would oxygen to the lungs.
She kept walking, at times a brisk and at times just lazy slow strides; but she kept walking. She thought of her trapped life which was misinterpreted as a wrapped up life in love and care. What a miss! A morphed picture.

I still do not know what she is thinking about. But I can see her now walking in an open field nothing to look down upon, but all up in the sky. The night sky lit with millions of stars twinkling away. Some brighter than others, but they chose to twinkle until their dying day. At the end of the field lay a lake she is familiar with. The night sky put on a spectacular show on the quiet dark waters just glistening and swaying as though synchronizing with the cool breeze. Now she took a break from her hours of aimless walking- She has finally reached the place of tranquility. She took off her jacket and lay it on the grass, lay down her head and closed her eyes. She started humming a tune I am so familiar with it just takes me places.

Something Soulish


Oh soul why so dreary its only been a while

Since you came into being to life with a smile

You are much more special please think big

Don’t you stumble now for that tiny twig


Many have come and gone and taken space

You’ve let them take that part in a daze

But now it is the time to take your rightful place

And give them all a real good chase


Dark thoughts come your way once in a while

Its ok! it will pass if you don’t make a big deal

Nobody’s perfect they never ever will be

Be lest harsh on yourself lest you see

Parts of your soul being stolen from thee♥♥♥♥


Its another September of another year and it makes me think of Septembers of 1988, 1998 and 2008. How time has flown by! Now its 2018, several decades gone by but September still remains.

I’ve always associated September with love, new beginnings, and the color September dawn – this is the time of the year that I always look forward to watch the fiery sunsets of red and pink skies in the little island where I call home.

Watching these sunsets and colors in the evening skies just makes my heart overwhelm with such joy love and laughter!

September, you bring out the best of me this time of the year. You make me smile; you make me laugh for no real reason.

September, you make me gaze at what you behold in your time the seasons and times only you can bring to my life

September, I love you for the fond memories of years gone by and the best ones yet to unravel.

Give me hope, September! Give me hope!

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