Secret Agent

Is it normal that as you age you want to be very secretive about the things you do? Even be secretive to your ownself so much so that at times you discover things about yourself that you did not know of?

I wonder if this is just a phase in life which we go through as humans a process of aging or I wonder if it is just to do with me. The latter I hope not, because sometimes some discoveries about self are scary.

At times you feel like a secret agent; holding on to so many secrets of others all carefully locked up inside of you like some magnificent treasure chest tucked deep in the ocean bed never to be found.

At times you are a secret agent that goes undecover just to help a friend in need with some crucial  problems in thier lives. This can be self destructive at times depending on the act of selfless love and the distance you would go for your friend.

At other times you are a secret agent to your ownself, just not knowing so many things about yourself. This can be frustrating if you had spent a considerable time in your day to day life growing up making a conscious effort to know yourself – Only to discover that there is so much that you did not actually know of yourself.

Had you already known these traits of yourself- you could have stayed out of trouble without a doubt!

If this makes any sense to you, please leave your comment. I’d really appreciate it.

Photograph : Pexels


Weekend Drama

So with the ongoing drama in my personal life, the country I live in just knows how to add a little bit more spice.

On Friday night, I was home alone watching a movie and then comes in a text message on my phone – a news alert to which I have subscribed.

The message reads that the former president of my country has been appointed as the new Prime Minister by the President himself!

I could not believe my eyes! but then again this nation has got free publicity for all kinds of wierd matters since of late so this was just another piece of those wierd news!

Well, today it has been made official and the new prime minister has taken office. Apparently to constitution allows the Presi to overthrow the current Prime and select a new one; especially an ex Presi – the one who has caused alot of drama at the time he was Presi!

I am not worried but deeply concerned about where this country is heading. The children will have to learn about this day in thier history lesssons.

Corruption and bribery is on the rise and I do hope that we dont end up in bribing people to get food on our tables.

Now, I honestly do not care what goes on this country!

There is no democracy nor justice anywhere these days! Time to call upon team justiceleague!



Facing Reality

So, I was inspired to write something after watching the movie – Girls Trip (2017)

Its all about the blings of life that makes us forget the real people who are there for us –  when we need someone the most!

Some friends will stick by you through the thick and thin whilst others for the fame
Facing reality in life is so much easier when you first learn to accept lifes’ game

Facing reality the raw and ugly truth is mostly always such a pain
Yet, it will save you a lot of tears and heartbreak and stregth gain

Learn not to live in self denial and petty love over others hearts
First love yourself a bit more before you go loving others hearts

Speak up at the right time before its too late to be heard
Its your own life that needs to be saved and not be marred

Its pointless comtemplating on putting new wine in old wine skin
Learn to move on and seize the moment, only for the moment and the moment’s gone

Be yourself and don’t go changing who you are
Whole universe will have, had and will have just “one you”!


Photograph: Pexles

Take me as I am

Inspired by Wyclef and Sharissa’s song  Take me as I am

In a world filled with promises so vast than the ocean

Dreams, ambitions and hopes as wide as the horizon

Lies, truth intermingled together sometimes grey

Who would really take you as you are?

Most often with so many things going on in our lives

We crave for love, not the emotion but the person love

You’d expect someone out there to just take you as you are

Despite your flaws mistakes complications and messes

We all need someone to take us as we are!



Love your enemy

This is a profound verse in the bible mentioned in the book of Proverbs 25:21

“If you see your enemy hungry, go buy him lunch; if he’s thirsty, bring him a drink”.

The following verse is even more interesting, found in Proverbs 25:22

“Your generosity will surprise him with goodness, and God will look after you.”

I just wonder how many out there have actually practiced the 1st verse and experienced the blessing in the 2nd verse.

The first is not the most natural thing a human could do to their enemy. The second only God can allow to happen in a human’s life.

I guess it speaks about the true freedom one would receive after being able to truly and unconditionally love their enemy.


“If I” Vs “I will”

There have been many instances where I have used the word “if” when speaking of lifes moments and regrets. Everyone has regrets in life. That’s what makes human is it not?

So I have decided that I would not use ‘if’ anymore and instead use ‘ I will’

I will learn to swim – yes to many this may be a way of life, but call me crazy being an islander I could not still tread deep waters for too long.

I will write my book –  this has been a deep passion in my heart wanting to tell my story to the world, a form of a testament to my existence. I haven’t yet decided whether I should combine fiction into it

I will fly in to Space – my childhood dream of being an astronaut, a distant dream as I grow older and realize I need to be an American to join NASA!

I will open up the little cafe / studio –  I fancied myself being a waitress (sounds silly to many) but what I find it comforting, almost soul food to be able to serve someone breakfast and coffee and just say good morning and how are you?

I will own those plots of land wherever my heart desires to have small getaways for friends and strangers alike –  where they would find rest and inspiration. A place of serenity.

I will!

Feet with big dreams

Photograph : RosheYFotografie

What is Heaven

In All Our Years

I thought for a while tyring to conjure and sort, and compile my feelings and thoughts, and to dispell societal myths, that permeate in our culture and the many religions that declare their facts and truths.

What is Heaven? I am human and do not know for sure … only what I feel.

Heaven is open and wide … beyond … beyond and you are floating, free of all things.

There is no need for air nor breath and you have a knowing of complete comfort, calmness and contentment. There is no body. There is no mind. There is no past or future, but only the open moment, an ocean of infinity.

You have an awareness that you are, but it does not connect like it would, had you a body and mind and heart. You are unable to connect sensations to thought. There is a knowing which is from…

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People on the Bench

So you’d see people at parks, airports, street corners and rail stations just seated on the bench. 

Recently I saw this interesting photograph of three men seated on a park bench.

I am moved to write this tale of three men on a park bench.

The picture is profound; in black and white.  In the absence of colours there is a lot which cannot be understood. The colours of the clothes the three men are wearing. If the weather on that day is sunny or gloomy etc.  The photograph is taken from the side angle of the bench and the bench facing the left of the photograph framed so well in the right corner with the three incumbents facing the left of the photograph. None of them seem to have any baggage on them. No wallet, no cigarettes. Nothing! Their hands are empty. Just themselves seated on the bench, waiting for something or someone.

The man in the middle is a relatively young man and the other two probably in their 60’s. Yet again age and looks are deceiving these days. They may not be that old as I presume them to be.  The young man in the middle holds claps his palms together in mid-air with a slight smile on his face. Maybe, just may be he was aware of the photograph that was taken.

The other two men looking thoughtful. I do not know if this is one family as they are all seated so close to each other in that small park bench.

The man on the right most corner of the picture has a slight frown I believe. He has got white hair and moustache. May be he was sceptical of the photographer invading his privacy or may be he was intrigued to know what beauty beheld the eyes of the photographer.

The man on the left corner also has his hands in some midway gesture. There is a slight motion; he has his right hand on his right cheek and his left hand clinging on to his right arm. He has a slight grin on his face. It seems lit up in comparison to the man on the right. May be he fancied his photograph been taken.

I wonder what their emotions and thoughts were just before the photographer appeared on the scene, or how the awareness of thier photo been captured shifted gears in thier emotions and thoughts.  Despite the inadequacy of information on a black and white photograph I always see things very plain in black and white.

Is it in my Blood

Is it in my blood wanting to be outrageously adventerous

To go to places where no mans ever dreamed of


Is it in my blood wanting to wake up one morning

To find myself as the most wanted celebirty


Is it in my blood wanting to raid all over the streets

Rescuing all the street kids who need to live a life


Is it in my blood to become the astronaut that ever exists

To travel as far as the universe would take it


Is it in my blood wanting to take time out so I could

Just write this one piece of literature that would save a life

blur blurred blurred background bokeh
Photo by Paul Cameron on

I know it is in my blood –  All this madness birthed to life!

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Talking Tornado

Photograph :

So this is going to sound a bit wierd but something I dreamt recently. Enjoy!

I was at some location with family and some known and unknown faces.  A house or something of that sort.

We have been given an extreme weather warning alert –  A Tornado warning.

Well this is very unusual for someone in my country and for sure I have not witnessed one in my country todate.

The family and few others gather around and look at a map to and draws up a particular route stating that it was the route shared in the news on the tele; the anticipated path of the tornado. (I do not even know if its possible to do that)

We all agree and come into agreement that we do not have to ecvacuate as informed on the tele as it would not come near us.

We wait. Others in hiding. I am out in the open and lo and behold! there it appears. The dark brown tunnel going up into the sky. It did look slim and for me I was just standing there admiring it. I could not move nor take my eyes off it.

Though it was anticipated that it would not cross our path; it does. Not destroying us but almost just brushing the property where we all were. By this time, the others all realizing the grave danger ahead had gone in to places for cover. But I am here out there, all by myself admriing this magnificent thing!

Then something strange unfolds before me. Whilst the tornado is still, a handome man appears and tells me ” Don’t worry! I changed my route and will not destroy you or the people here!” And I respond ” Aw! thank you!” and I think I was blushing. (yes, I know this sounds ridiculous)
And as I gaze at him, the man as he gets back in the tornado and leaves.

All this while our phones were jammed and no one couldnt make any calls or send texts. I know I had my phone and was probably taking photos or videos. But, not this particular part of the event!

Suddenly, there is calm and all in hiding comes out and asks me if I was insane to be standing there. All thier phones starts ringing and mine starts getting a lot of missed call alerts and sms’s etc. And then a message  from the tornado ” Hey I am passing the car park now. You should come over here and move your car!”

So this is my ridiculous tale of a talking tornado!



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