People on the Bench

So you’d see people at parks, airports, street corners and rail stations just seated on the bench. 

Recently I saw this interesting photograph of three men seated on a park bench.

I am moved to write this tale of three men on a park bench.

The picture is profound; in black and white.  In the absence of colours there is a lot which cannot be understood. The colours of the clothes the three men are wearing. If the weather on that day is sunny or gloomy etc.  The photograph is taken from the side angle of the bench and the bench facing the left of the photograph framed so well in the right corner with the three incumbents facing the left of the photograph. None of them seem to have any baggage on them. No wallet, no cigarettes. Nothing! Their hands are empty. Just themselves seated on the bench, waiting for something or someone.

The man in the middle is a relatively young man and the other two probably in their 60’s. Yet again age and looks are deceiving these days. They may not be that old as I presume them to be.  The young man in the middle holds claps his palms together in mid-air with a slight smile on his face. Maybe, just may be he was aware of the photograph that was taken.

The other two men looking thoughtful. I do not know if this is one family as they are all seated so close to each other in that small park bench.

The man on the right most corner of the picture has a slight frown I believe. He has got white hair and moustache. May be he was sceptical of the photographer invading his privacy or may be he was intrigued to know what beauty beheld the eyes of the photographer.

The man on the left corner also has his hands in some midway gesture. There is a slight motion; he has his right hand on his right cheek and his left hand clinging on to his right arm. He has a slight grin on his face. It seems lit up in comparison to the man on the right. May be he fancied his photograph been taken.

I wonder what their emotions and thoughts were just before the photographer appeared on the scene, or how the awareness of thier photo been captured shifted gears in thier emotions and thoughts.  Despite the inadequacy of information on a black and white photograph I always see things very plain in black and white.

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