Last trip for 2018!

From 25th – 27th December accompanied by my husband Jude and some other friends, we decided to do a trip around the Knuckels Mountain Range in Sri Lanka. This was mostly to chase waterfalls.

Thanks to the main man who organized the trip we managed to stay in some bungalows owned by The Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation in the Hagalla.

Our modes of travel were by 4WD’s; other options would probably be only via Motorbikes, jeeps, vans or tuk tuks. Though plagued with leech bites we all did have a really good time up there in the Knuckles Range.

Some of the waterfalls area below. Saree Ella Falls, Jodu Ella Falls, Girindi Ella Falls, Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls, Lebanon 1 Falls etc.

The best time to see waterfalls in Sri Lanka is during November to January where rains feed into the waterways and you could experience luscious waterfalls. Be prepared with rain cover and leach protection and never remove leeches if they are already hooked on to your skin. Just let them have thier fill and they will fall off. Then spit on a fresh leaf and just place it on the bite. The locals use a vareity of things ranging from dettol, salt, soap water to get the leeches of thier skin. Also recommended to apply a local balm called siddhalepa.

Its highly recommended to take a guide with you when hiking the knuckles range. By doing so you could save yourself from getting lost or facing imminent danger. Be careful when treading on waterways of waterfalls.


Chasing Time

We all have dreams big or small, simple or complicated – still they are all dreams

We all have goals we would like to acheive in our life time

Whether pratical or not some even unrealistic in the eyes of others

It doesnt matter what others think or say about your dreams and goals

It is upto to you to work at it and reach out!

For someone us who have been trying to do so all our lives

A year or two, a decade or more has just by  with time

It now feels like we are chasing time as we are running out of time

It looks just like the grass and plants that wither over time!

Think or Feel

So you think I what is feel is what I think

How silly of you to come to a conclusion as this

You ought to know by now more about me

My experiences are more of what I feel than think

Next time you make your silly jokes about 

Things that matter to me and close to my heart

Ask yourself more than once if you have to

If what you think and say would make me feel any better

You may not have dreams but I happen to do so!

December, Baby!

So it is that time of the year where everyone talks about the season holidays, family gatherings, sharing gifts, preparing for the new year and all that excitement of December. Its December baby!

December oh why have you come so soon? January seems like yesterday

Everything seemed to have moved so fast this year

Celebrations just around the corner to start the new year

Everyone is busy running about simply being busy

Most of us have families to celebrate this time of the year, but what about them that not? 

Blings and bits of glitter everywhere 

Entertainment engaging everyone everywhere

Random notes of love just because its Christmas

And as we prepare to celebrate Christmas this December, let us ponder and make some conscious decisions to make someone else’s life a bit brighter than yesterday.

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