Red Backpack

She put all her dreams and hopes - her heart soul and mind A little red backpack - she puts everything she's got Into your hands she places that red backpack one day Trusting you to take care, guard and love all the way You took the little red backpack and its belongings Like toys... Continue Reading →

The Pumpkin Issue

The country I come from has an ancient rich heritage of Agriculture. The ancient kings of Sri Lanka leaves enough evidence for us to know how much effort was put into agriculture with its irrigation methods. But with centuries gone by, little do we see that has been done to take agriculture to the next... Continue Reading →

Chaos in English Pronunciation and Spelling

This is quite useful in a funny manner!

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Dutch writer, poet, traveler, and teacher Gerard Nolst Trenité (1870 – 1946) wrote a remarkable poem aptly titled “The Chaos”. The poem demonstrates several of the most famous (and infamous) irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation.  Trenité managed to collect about 800 of those irregularities and versified them into this chaotic, albeit amusing poem.

“The Chaos” was originally published in the appendix (Aanhangsel) section of Drop Your Foreign Accent: Engelsche Uitspraakoefeningen (4th Edition), a textbook written by Trenité in 1920. This version was shorter and only contained 146 lines. Since then, many variations have appeared. A longer and authoritative version was published in the 1993-94 edition of Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society. This version contains 274 lines:

Dearest creature in Creation,
Studying English pronunciation,
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse.
I will keep you, Susy, busy,
Make your head…

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Random Joke #18: Drinks?

Something quite funny. 😀

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I saw this on a newsgroup many years ago:

At a high-class restaurant…

Question: What would you like to have: Fruit juice, Soda, Tea, Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee?

Answer: Tea, please.

Question: Ceylon tea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Ice tea or green tea?

Answer: Ceylon tea.

Question: How would you like it? Black or white?

Answer: White.

Question: Milk, Whitener, or Condensed milk?

Answer: With milk.

Question: Goat milk, camel milk or cow milk?

Answer: With cow milk, please.

Question: Milk from Freeze land cow or Afrikaner cow?

Answer: Um, I’ll take it black.

Question: Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?

Answer: With sugar.

Question: Beet sugar or cane sugar?

Answer: Cane sugar.

Question: White, brown or yellow sugar?

Answer: Forget about tea just give me a glass of water instead.

Question: Mineral water or still water?

Answer: Mineral water.

Question: Flavored or non-flavored?

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