The Kiss

You are there but it does not seem like its you I know in real life

You wait patiently to catch me when I am alone and the one I am with has gone by

In a blinking of an eye you swiftly move towards and extend your arms around my waist

You pull me closer to you and attempt to kiss me- I refuse and rebel

You wouldn’t let me go and tell me how much you’ve missed me

Does it matter but I seem to be enjoying being held by you in this embrace

I did ask you to kiss me many years ago I think to myself

But I know its not right and I try to pull back and ask you to leave me alone

You won’t give up but squeeze me harder and kiss me

As your lips touch mine I refrain from kissing you back – I hold back

You continue to kiss me and now am feeling like it’s one way ticket to the moon

He comes back and swiftly you let go of me and stand there as if nothing happened

I am blushing in shock and shame that I let this happen

You wait calmly like a hawk to attack its prey

He leaves my side again and even before I could run away from you

Here I am in your arms again – you tell me you want me though I am someone elses

And you kiss me again, much longer and I lose my senses

You’ve known how much I wanted you to kiss me many years ago but you didn’t just do that

So why on earth now? We are none of that just good friends

I open my eyes and realize it was just a dream!

I lay awake thinking why I had seen you when I had not even thought of you all this while

The kiss in the dream felt so real, so warm and so desperate

Why did you come into my dreams to kiss me that way?

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The thing about books and me

I realized may be I am a bit weird but then again the world needs a few weird folk like me to have some colour I suppose.

Well, its about this thing about me and books. I love reading and for me I never get bored of reading.. except, may be occasionally all those soppy love stories.

But I do have an issue, I do tend to get bored of reading a single book at a time and have put multi-tasking to the best by reading more than one book at a time. If I am not alone in this trait, I would love to hear from you.

While I was happily reading Chart Throb by Ben Elton, I saw this insta post about book based on true events at the times of Auschwitz and thought it would make a perfect gift for my husband.. Of course as usual I didn’t bother to find out its genre and ordered it a week back. He loves reading old English/ History etc.

My husband gets excited about the book but I realized that he is not going to touch it, as unlike me, he reads one book at a time, even if that meant a year! He is very committed in that way. Faithful to the book I would say.

So I put my Chart Throb away and get hold of The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It has been a crazy week for me. And all I think of is “whats going to happen next” whenever I am not reading this particular book.

The good news is I only have a few more pages left – So it is based on a true story of love between two people who met at the camp. Its sad at times, but also very uplifting. It is a page turner! The best thing about this book is it is a real life story.

Stars go Blue

Stars go blue when I close my eyes and think of you

The moments when nothing else exists besides you

Your smile, your voice the warmth of your love for me

That’s when the stars go for blue for me

Stars go blue every time you give me that look

That something special only we both know of that look

Your eyes dancing with a few unspoken words

That’s when the stars go blue for me

Stars go blue every time you take me by surprise

Words or deeds it doesn’t matter its my surprise

You know what surprises for me are meant to be

That’s when the stars go blue for me

Stars go blue every moment you spend with me

I know now that we are always meant to be

I thank God that you are mine and mine to be

That’s why the stars go blue for me

Photograph : Pexels

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