The funny thing about Dreams & Imaginations

It’s a funny thing this imagination and how it seems to work differently for different people. Growing up as a child with a strong imagination I dreamt of being this and that and accomplishing some extravagant goals which a normal child would probably have not thought of. As year went by in to early teens and youth things became very varied and dreams and what I had imagined myself to accomplish as an adult didn’t seem to come into existence. So during my early adult years I was blaming my parents and teachers mostly for not guiding me in the path of my dreams and then very soon I realized that it was none of their fault either and started blaming myself. Please don’t misunderstand – I am not saying that I have had a miserable life over this but its all part of growing up and I have accomplished some things which I didn’t dream so much so and probably only thought of it just once in my entire life time. For example being an actress. It was a one off thing I thought of when I was answering some quizz and did come to pass. Just a one off opportunity to be with a famous cast such as Sir Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross. The amazing this about this is that Chariots of Fire was released in the year I was born and I remember watching it as a youngster and aspiring to be an Olympian. So yes, that was a once in a life time experience and it was huge and great!

But the strange thing is that I have not yet lived my long awaited dreams. These were some serious things I wanted to achieve in this life time. As years go by I watch friends and foe alike living some of my long held dreams. I’d think that they were their dreams too so I inquire and they tell me it was not something they even imagined or thought of. Some, did not even want these. In their eyes it just seemed to have happened over night. So then that’s a little bit confusing and actually funny as I battle in my heart what I had done wrong all these years.

So looking at these two scenarios I really wonder what it is to have dreams and live it. Is it a good thing to just keep dreaming about it  from childhood into adulthood. Or is it just a thing of your childhood?  And I also now think may be if I had not spent so much of time and energy focusing on those long-term imaginations and dreams manifesting may be it would not have affected me much as I didn’t have much great expectations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and please as I am guessing there has to be at least a few out there who would have thought the same way. Please comment and share your thoughts. It will definitely be very helpful. Cheers!

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  1. I love reading your posts 😊

    Truth is, things never turn out how you think or expect, no matter how hard you work or how carefully you plan. Four years ago, I thought I’d be completing a PhD by now and looking at teaching overseas. But I’m not. I’m in a city I would have been disappointed in my future self for moving to (I’m actually quite fond of it now). When I first moved here 3.5yrs ago, I thought I would work in palliative care and train as a nurse. But then I got a job in publishing that I wasn’t looking for and didn’t expect. I’m reconciled to the idea that I will never pursue a PhD now. That’s not even going into all the things I wanted to do/be/achieve when I was a child. But I’m happy. I’m content.

    I guess part of life is reconciling the fact that things don’t always go as planned and that’s ok. I’ve achieved a lot and grown a lot in the last four years. They just haven’t been achievements and growth that I expected. I guess what I’m trying to encourage you to see is that just because you haven’t achieved the things you wanted to, doesn’t mean you haven’t achieved anything. Sometimes, when things don’t go how we expect, we end up in a better place than the place we were aiming for.


    1. Thanks so much Jessie for taking time to send in this comment. I really do value your advice and agree with what you are saying here. It’s always nice to hear an honest thought from someone. Thanks again.. And I am very happy that you have overcome this and got a hold of accepting that we do eventually end up in a better place than we first anticipated.


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