Take a break. Listen to Jazz

I needed a break from work and head to the loo
Its Jazz in the sound systems here in the loo
I close my eyes to enjoy this Jazz in the loo
My imaginations took me places here in the loo

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" playing away
He's seated across me lounging on the couch
We both starring at the window listening to nice jazz
I in my arm chair wrapped in a cozy throw

His face so calm and peaceful as never before
Something told me that we were in our promised land
We both watched few robins hopping about in our garden
Snow has just set in and everything seemed cold as ice

It felt all christmassy and for us the weather was just fine
I took my camera and got a few clicks of the Cardinal outside
Perched on a branch just doing nothing but starring at us
It flew away as I took my last shot with great joy

I don't know for how long we both remained there speechless
Our eyes did all the talking but not a hum from our lips
The snowy mountains on one side of the window frame
The frozen lake with brown and black trees on the other

He kept sipping his coffee, black strong with no sugar
I enjoyed my hot choco with a couple of jaffa cakes
The jazz in the background kept playing more tunes
Something so peaceful and serene I cannot explain

I could go on had I a decided to keep my eyes closed
And enjoy the little break with Jazz in the loo
But we all know that some good things do come to an end
I had my break thanks to the Jazz in the loo

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