Kindred Spirit

 You may keep searching for that one kindred spirit
For years or even decades of your lifetime
Sometimes you get lucky and find your kindred spirit
Most times they never come by

As you grow older they say you become wiser
If that is true you'd better know what spirit you've got
If you didn't know yourself well enough
How on earth will you know your kindred spirit?

You may think you found your kindred spirit
When you are young, wild and free
But remember that as you grow older
Your spirit will mature like some fine wine

So don't fool yourself when wild young and free
With a so called "Kindred Spirit" at the time
If you want to keep away from heartache
I say you wait till you are older and wiser

Its hard to let go when you've finally found that one
Kindred spirit that you cannot do without
No matter what life throws in your path
You need a kindred spirit to tarry you through

So keep searching for your kindred spirit
I hope you find your kindred spirit soon
Even then later is better than never in life
I pray you stay together with your kindred spirit forever!

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