Pause & Ponder

So this is a new decade. I am an old soul which has seen a few decades gone by. And as I think I may have now become older and wiser ( with some generous greys) I have decided that I will try my best to do some things differently this year. It is 2020 after all.

Of the many new year wishes I received this year; one that grabbed by attention is a a message I received from a dear one I’ve known for ages. The message stated a tiny blessing which said ” May you have 20/20 vision this year to align yourself with the best in life”

I do wear spectacles now and this wish made so much sense.

Vision :

Without vision we cannot move forward; the vision that I am referring to is the ability to see clearly – sight! Without sight we would struggle our way. We may be slow but as long as our vision is perfect with 20/20 we know very well we are heading somewhere.

In order to move forward with a clear 20/20 vision I have decided that I must do something else. Something which I may have neglected doing and perhaps been very ignorant of. Its being ” wow’d ” on a daily basis.

Pause & Ponder :

Image from Pixabay

Without the ability to wow oneself as frequently as on a daily basis it may be a tad difficult to appreciate the things this life offers us. It may be a small friendly gesture by a stranger, something that made you laugh or smile, something that came as a warning to prevent you from succumbing to a disaster. It could even be something funny your family, your children, a pet or it could even be an imaginary dialogue that went through your mind as you wiz pass in your car to work or to the grocery.

All I am saying is that you find at least one thing that gives you the “wow” feeling. And at the end of the day take some time to pause and ponder on the “wow” events, people or things for that day.

Appreciation and being grateful are few of the top things that brings natural healing to your body, soul & spirit.

So why don’t you give GRATITUDE a try this year!

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