Strangest Dream

Photograph : Pexels

Last night I had the strangest dream

I was in church for some event

And I was drinking a bottle of beer

(Strange I thought as where I come from we don’t drink beer in church)

Then a man walks up to me and

Tries to pick up my empty beer bottle

And I pretend that I didn’t have a clue about it

He walks away with it anyway

Then I see a known face at the front row

I walk that way but end up at the exit

I don’t know how that happened

Then comes a girl stating that my mom told her

That I am really messed up

I try to walk away from the strange girl

And knock on to two guys who are my best friends

(Strange that I don’t know them in real life)

One in particular is super drunk and tells me

“We need a girl! We are going to get more booze. Come with us”

So I hop in his red jeep and he is driving

(Strangely we are all seated together in the front)

He drives really fast and then at a bend he sways all over the road

We scream our guts out, no one’s hurt, we are back on our lane

Then we see some cops ahead of us indicating us to stop

(Strangely I say the darndest thing)

“Don’t stop now. Don’t stop! Hit the road”

My friend whiz pass the cops and we take a few more turns

Then I have the strangest feeling and tell my friends

“I gotta get home, drop me off at the next bus stop”

And my friend who is driving laughs hysterically

“You gotta be kidding me, we don’t even know where we are, Do you?”

I say “ Yea that’s true but I can catch a bus back home”

I beg him to drop me off as I begin to have a  very bad feeling

About getting copped for drunk driving after leaving church

After another turn on to the main road he tries to stop the jeep

As I try to jump off I see a white defender something like a white van

And I can see some men – cops in civil inside pointing our way and I say

“Let’s go go go! They are coming for us”

My friend on the wheels hsit the accelerator and off we go again

Then we come to a certain open field and abandon the jeep

“Let’s climb that tower” says the other friend

So we start climbing this tower, something like a water tower

As we climb, a beige Labrador is climbing right beside me and I say

“Hey you we are so fudged you know. We are dead meat!”

The strange dog nods at me as if it understood my plight

And then we hear a roar of the defender and the men are off

They try to climb the tower from the other end and now it looks like a bridge

We make our way down and think to escape, but

More men have arrived at the scene and we are doomed

So they surround the three of us and then one calls out my name

Tell my security number too

(Strange I thought, May be I am some famous criminal)

Then one cop tells me that I am being arrested for

Beating up and shattering something to pieces with a human sized pestle

(Strange indeed and I wanted to know more but I woke up)

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