Covid Diaries 8 : Lockdowns and peaceful coexistence

Covid-19 threw the entire earth into a frenzy with locking us humans in our homes for not days, nor weeks but months. And just as we thought it was contained and the situation was improving the second and a third wave have been sweeping the globe with countries and cities going into a second and third lock down. Who knows how many lockdowns we would have to face until this is actually over for good or contained in some manner where it becomes just another flu.

However, during this lockdown period  I observed that that every single human being has been through some level of emotional and mental stress. Some have been feeling extremely lonely, especially if they were alone in their homes. Then, there are others who did have others living with them and still felt lonely, irritated or had very low tolerance levels being stuck indoors.

With the likelihood that more lockdowns are in the near future, I thought of a few scenarios of how these personalities would have either thrived or perished during this period of being stuck indoors with little or no access to the world outside.

  1. I would think that those who are completely living by themselves may have suffered the most. But, that all depends on if they are Extroverts, Introverts, Ambiverts or Omniverts. I believe an introvert would have lavished the fact that were completely out of reach from society, and would have enjoyed it the most. Whereas the Extroverts may have suffered quite a bit without the actual physical element of human company, despite all the social media options available these days. I mean, you could be interacting with so many, on all sorts of video/ texts etc, but in the physical absence of a human being would have created a vacuum.
  2. An Introvert & an Extrovert stuck together under the same roof during lockdown- not too sure how that would have gone well for either parties.
  3. Introverts or Extroverts in their own separate groups. I guess that would have been quite successful. You’d either sit all day in your corners reading books or you’d be playing board games, finding ways to have fun and keep yourselves busy and entertained.
  4. Omniverts / Ambiverts with Introverts & Extroverts. This would have been quite handy as well given that Omniverts and Ambiverts can scale up and down as an Introvert or an Extrovert based on external factors and also have the capabilities to switch when required.

All in all, these are tough times for all of humanity. Whether we like it or not, we are bound to face some sort of a lockdown at least a couple of more times, and we are bound to be either to ourselves or with other members under one roof.

Let us understand who we are, and what others are in terms of their personalities, so we can co-exit well and get through this madness.

Remember, Now is not Forever!

Photograph : Pexels

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