Writing with Rumi -1

Recently I received an idea from a fellow blogger about selecting a particular poem of Rumi and then either following its style and tone, or finding a creative way to respond to it. So, I am giving it a try here. Do leave your comments please.

Mystical Poems of Rumi
The heart is like a grain of corn, we are like a mill; how does the mill know why this turning?
The body is like a stone, and the water its thoughts;
stone says, “The water knows what is toward.”
The water says, “Ask the miller, for it was he who flung this water down.”
The miller says to you, “Bread-eater, if this does not turn, how shall the crumb-broth be?”
Much business is in the making; silence, ask God, that He may tell you.

And my response to the above Poem as below.

I ask God in silence, why things are the way they are.
He says “Safeguard your heart; for everything you do flows from it”
Then I question, “But what about the water; do they not rise from my heart?”
God tells me “I do NOT control your thoughts but I know your thoughts”
The thoughts of my heart washes the stone, my body
The Bread eater depends on the Miller;  He sees all and knows all.
The Mills are mere vessels, to bring His purpose about.

Photograph : Pexels

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