About the Author

A glimpse of Dew!

I love chocolates and anything at all
I love the ocean it will be gone one day
I love space and the mysteries of the universe
I love adventure in all forms, they make me alive
I love to read, write and just ponder and wonder
I love road trips to far off places to discover new sites
I love listening to good music, it soothes my soul
I love reading out loud and to watch someone enjoy it too
I love to chat.. and chat… not many see me doing that though
I love trying out new dishes that entice my taste buds

I love hiking and sightseeing just walking
I love taking pictures, every frame is a special memory
I love watching movies and crying watching them
I love kites, its been sometime since I’ve run one
I love cats & dogs, fish & insects – just love animals
I love people and always see something unique

Oh I simple love Purple, I always deemed it to of royalty
I love to learn new things from time to time
I love to float in a pool watching the stars up above
I love watching the clouds and waves for hours and hours
I love singing, but not when anyone’s around
I love to tour the entire world, hope I do that someday

I love football and cycling, a die hard Chelsea fan
I love walking upstream on rivers that never end
I love to cook and enjoy what I’ve created
I love to sometimes pretend something I cannot be
I love sunset, sunrise rain snow and clouds
I love freedom that lets me love everything that I love

Most of all, I love HIM, who promised to never leave me unto the end of age!

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