Too much love

If someone says that they will never break your heart Believe it only if you are ready for your heart to be broken If someone says they cannot live without you Believe only if you are prepared for a life without them Love is not an emotion that you can contain Its like a fire... Continue Reading →

Introducing Master Avett Ray

This is the blog about a young boy who was born diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia when he was just two months old. He is a child prodigy a music sensation. Meet Master Avett Ray from Dayton, Ohio


Tired of chasing after the lost Tired of chasing pretty rainbows Tired of self expectations Tired of hoping for the best Just Tired, Tired, Tired Tired of being patient Tired of being harassed Tired of feeling rejected Tired of feeling like a loser Just Tired, Tired, TiredWhen will this all end?When will I truly live?When... Continue Reading →

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