Pause & Ponder

So this is a new decade. I am an old soul which has seen a few decades gone by. And as I think I may have now become older and wiser ( with some generous greys) I have decided that I will try my best to do some things differently this year. It is 2020... Continue Reading →

Hey there 2020!

Hey there 2020! thank you for swinging by 2019 was challenging and I needed you to come by I look forward to the sweet memories you'd bring by Hey there 2020! Cheers to a new decade - I'll take you down! Here's Wishing Everyone a fantastic 2020! My wish for you is that you... Continue Reading →

Thoughts. Words. Actions.

Thoughts thought “ I am cool”, Words said “ I am cooler”, Actions acted ‘I am the coolest” Thoughts thought “I need to be disciplined”, Words said “Remember, I need to be disciplined more”, Actions acted “I will discipline you” Thoughts thought “Make myself useful”, Words said “How may I help?”, Actions acted “Happy to... Continue Reading →

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