I thought I couldn’t live without you and one day someone told me I should never say that “ I couldn’t live without you”. Well that’s so true. The moment I made you my lifeline I could not grasp some of the inevitable changes that took place in my life. I couldn’t handle the neglect... Continue Reading →

Introducing Master Avett Ray

This is the blog about a young boy who was born diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia when he was just two months old. He is a child prodigy a music sensation. Meet Master Avett Ray from Dayton, Ohio

This year I thought I will start blogging about my travels. So here goes. First Saturday of 2018 -  06012018  I have been an avid bird enthusiast, but didn’t make much effort to study more about them, like their proper names and identification (ID) until I met my husband whose serious birding enthusiast from a... Continue Reading →

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