Freedom A’las

I'm like a bird, I always fly awayNelly Furtado Every time I set my eyes upon a bird I feel that energy of freedom. Birds always fly away - most birds do fly. They don't have a home as such but they always feel at home wherever they choose to call it home. Tis the... Continue Reading →

Travel the World

New sights new sounds Open up your eyes and ears Inhale the fragrances and the scents New places and cultures Travel the worlds with me Some Turkish delights, salgam or salep Let your taste buds go for a ride Be curious about new cuisines of locale Travel the worlds with me Musicians of the streets... Continue Reading →


Tired of chasing after the lost Tired of chasing pretty rainbows Tired of self expectations Tired of hoping for the best Just Tired, Tired, Tired Tired of being patient Tired of being harassed Tired of feeling rejected Tired of feeling like a loser Just Tired, Tired, TiredWhen will this all end?When will I truly live?When... Continue Reading →

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