Hey there 2020!

Hey there 2020! thank you for swinging by 2019 was challenging and I needed you to come by I look forward to the sweet memories you'd bring by Hey there 2020! Cheers to a new decade - I'll take you down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOIhdVhzOQ4 Here's Wishing Everyone a fantastic 2020! My wish for you is that you... Continue Reading →

Kindred Spirit

You may keep searching for that one kindred spiritFor years or even decades of your lifetimeSometimes you get lucky and find your kindred spiritMost times they never come byAs you grow older they say you become wiserIf that is true you'd better know what spirit you've gotIf you didn't know yourself well enoughHow on earth... Continue Reading →


Tired of chasing after the lost Tired of chasing pretty rainbows Tired of self expectations Tired of hoping for the best Just Tired, Tired, Tired Tired of being patient Tired of being harassed Tired of feeling rejected Tired of feeling like a loser Just Tired, Tired, TiredWhen will this all end?When will I truly live?When... Continue Reading →

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