Where are you pretty rainbow haven't seen you lately I know that the sun is out there but where on earth is rain? Will you have a word with rain, just a little bit would do My life is falling apart and a pretty Rainbow would do

Freedom A’las

I'm like a bird, I always fly awayNelly Furtado Every time I set my eyes upon a bird I feel that energy of freedom. Birds always fly away - most birds do fly. They don't have a home as such but they always feel at home wherever they choose to call it home. Tis the... Continue Reading →

Thoughts. Words. Actions.

Thoughts thought “ I am cool”, Words said “ I am cooler”, Actions acted ‘I am the coolest” Thoughts thought “I need to be disciplined”, Words said “Remember, I need to be disciplined more”, Actions acted “I will discipline you” Thoughts thought “Make myself useful”, Words said “How may I help?”, Actions acted “Happy to... Continue Reading →

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