I try to find answers to this question on my mindIs it worse to feel lonely when you are with me or notIt's a constant battle in my thoughts these daysTrying to figure out which one is seemingly the worst I don't know why I feel this way and being so lonelyThere's nothing less that... Continue Reading →

Take a break. Listen to Jazz

I needed a break from work and head to the looIts Jazz in the sound systems here in the looI close my eyes to enjoy this Jazz in the looMy imaginations took me places here in the loo"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" playing awayHe's seated across me lounging on the couchWe both starring at... Continue Reading →


Tired of chasing after the lost Tired of chasing pretty rainbows Tired of self expectations Tired of hoping for the best Just Tired, Tired, Tired Tired of being patient Tired of being harassed Tired of feeling rejected Tired of feeling like a loser Just Tired, Tired, TiredWhen will this all end?When will I truly live?When... Continue Reading →

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