A tale of many Tails

Photograph : Pexels

Cupcake is Granny’s favorite delight for life

Cupcake always fancied Granny’s sweet tooth

Then it was Rain with tons of Icing on Cupcake

Cupcake was probably overdosed by it all

Bow and Rain were almost like a Rainbow

Colors sparked when they were mostly together

Bow had eyes on Cupcake and for sometime

Has been aiming all sorts of fiery Arrows

Cupcake always dreamt of a fancy Boat

Off on Voyages to forsaken lands untold

Places that can be neither explained nor disclosed

Cupcake wishes never to return from these strange Lands

And then there is a piece of Lego lurking about

Keeps gazing at Cupcake not sure to bite or not

All seems a lot like a bit of a Pickle right now

And Granny keeps yelling at Cupcake these days

“We really need to mix and get your Batter right!”

That Girl!

Photograph : Pexels

She walks into the smoky room and loud chatter

In her ripped jeans and  favorite red lipstick

Showing off her toned mid riff in her crop top

Her lips parted but not a smile in sight

She walks across to the man at the bar

All by himself sipping whiskey on the rocks

He knows she’s here without a single doubt

Signature fragrance of hers’ he’d know from afar

She stands from behind him slings her right arm

Across his chest and he’s not surprised

She pecks his right cheek and sits at his left

All eyes on this girl, there’s something about her

The bartender places her favourite vodka on the coaster

She takes a sip and scans the room with her smokey eyes

All eyes on her and she is aware and don’t care

She’s got her man beside and he’s all on her mind

The band starts playing and the noise fills in

Chatter and clashing of glasses as the music sweeps away

Some on the dance floor while others at their seats

It’s a rocking night and she’s having a good time

She turns around to check out the band

She smiles at them and they nod in appreciation

She turns back and whispers something in his ear

He puts his left arm around her waist and pulls her closer

They share a few glances and laughter in-between

Sharing some words in each other’s ears all the time

No one would know what they are talking about

The music a notch louder and the drowns the chatter

The band plays a few of her favorite tunes

She claps and nods back at them in appreciation

The night flies by but she’s still right beside him

Flirting and making small gestures only he would know

The band calls out his name and he leaves her for a moment

To slip on his guitar and mic in hand to say a few words

“This one’s for you babe” he points the mic at her with a wink

She sends a flying kiss his way with the excitement of his gaze

She smiles and gives him a look – that one special look!

Remembering you – Michael

I remember watching you do the moon walk back as a kid

I remember watching all your music videos on the tele

I remember how your voice sounds and the love you gave to the world

You wanted us to “Heal the World” cos you believed that “We are the World”

You always knew that world was harsh and said “Somebody’s watching me”

You said “they don’t really care about us” cos you knew the world was a ‘Smooth Criminal”

You turned them girls on with your moves “In the Closet”, “Blood on the dance floor” saying “Give into me”

You will forever stay in the hearts of those you have touched

From all corners of the world we gather to cherish you dear Michael

You said “ You are not alone” and now we know why

I miss you Michael but you will always “Rock my World!”

Let it Be!

Photograph : Pexels

If I fall in, let me fall in and just enjoy the fall

If I fall out, let me just fall out and move on

If I do it right, this time let it be something true

If I get it wrong again, that’s ok I will keep trying

Whatever happens let it be just as it is meant to be

I won’t fight back and I won’t hold back this time

I will just let time and its moment in space take control

I will give in and I will come onboard with you dear time

The more I try to give up and be too cautious

The stronger you come at me in full force

What am I to do about you this time around?

Just give in and let you have your own way

Listen to the radio and let the tunes take you places

Familiar voices, sights sounds and faces

Nostalgia strikes you and from this moment on

Your stuck on a feeling you just won’t let go

The past washed away in a tidal wave deep into the ocean

The waves keep coming back and crashing on the shore

Reminds me that each wave has its own power and control

Let me drift away and enjoy the joyride it’s got for me

The Feather

Photograph : Pexels

She took the priceless feather from her palm and held it up in the air

She could not pay the price to hold on to it despite her desire

She knew it has stripped her of love and now she was bare

She felt naked and her soul an abandoned shire

She let the feather fly away with tears in her eyes

She was dismayed of the unknown fate so fragile

She thought of all the regrets and heartaches

She believed that it would never be found again

Though time passed by yet in space time was still

The letting go was never a letting go in that of space

When she least expected the feather came at her doorsill

With great care she picked it up and brushed her face

Contemplating on how much she valued this priceless feather

Remembering all the heartache it once had caused her

She stroked the priceless feather with much care and attention

Kept thinking if she should hold it up in the air once again

She remembered the wise sayings of a dear friend long ago

About letting go of the things that you hold close to your heart

If it is meant to be, it will always find its way back to your door

But did not that already happen, she deeply thought

She looked at the feather worn out and lost its glow

But still in her eyes it was priceless and now timeless too

She felt the softness of it as she brushed it on her brow

Remembering the first time she set her gaze upon it with glee

“I don’t want to let go of you” she whispered

In a  velvet  emerald green pouch with a golden string

She lay the priceless timeless feather gently therein

To preserve and embrace for the years to come

You, Me and Seasons

Every one of us are always going through some season in life

It may be as colorful as Autumn or frozen and cold as Winter

Sometimes new beginnings like Spring or fresh and exciting like Summer

It’s always a cycle –  the cycle of life as we know it

It blooms and bursts into life with so much color and beauty

But most often die or freeze under irrepressible tension

But unlike the seasons we are so familiar with

Life happens like strange misguided monsoons and storms

We are sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain

And some of us are forever doom and gloom

Each in our own capsule of seasons that keep changing

We take our weather with us everywhere we go

No matter how high you may be during Summer

With the rush of happiness and the constant excitement

There will always be the Winter, the times of being lonely

Then we move to our cave and hope for Spring

For those who cave themselves for far too long

Time is of the essence for rescue and rejuvenation

For those who are on the high life forever and ever

Startling circumstances head their way like tornadoes

No one is seasoned well enough to get by either way

The beauty of those I admire, dear and near to my heart

Not those who say they love me a million times, to win my heart

But the ones who are humble enough to open up, trust and break

The ones who trust me and be themselves for who they are

The ones whom I can trust and make their way into my soul

Give a bit of love, kind of love that breaks your heart

When you know someone’s in their cave for far too long

Celebrate the ones who are flying high as a kite

Remind them that gravity is still at work, so be mindful

The color of our skin does not make us any different

Unless we have a different colour in our blood

We are after all still very much human

This Feeling

Photograph : Pexels

Close my eyes and just sit somewhere peaceful
Zero disturbances and let my imagination run wild
I will not open my eyes for any reason at all during this time
I will not answer my phone, most likely its on silent
I bask in this feeling of – “I don’t know what to call it”

I want to just write and write everything in intricate detail
But I can’t seem to find the right words to express it all
This feeling inside me feels too good to be true – please stay!
I don’t want to think of nothing else other than this feeling
I bask in this feeling of – “ I don’t know what to call it”

It feels like the warmth of the perfect sun caressing my skin
It feels like the chills on my drenched self in the pouring rain
It feels like the calm waters in which I lavish floating about
It feels like the easy feeling of laying on the beach gazing stars
I bask in this feeling of – “I don’t know what to call it”

I try to remember the scents and aroma’s associated to this feeling
I try my skin to relive the sense of touch over and over again
I try to remember the beautiful notes and tones deep and strong
Calling my name over and over again
I bask in this feeling of – “ I don’t know what to call it”

When I am not basking in this feeling of – “I don’t know what to call it”
I crave for the next moment I can bask in this “I don’t know what to call it” feeling
Melodies so nostalgic creating moments I want to relive forever
I feel I can take on the whole world and travel into space and time
It feels so good that I want to be hooked on this feeling – “I’don’t know what to call it”

Black Box

I stumbled upon this classic song from the past. It felt so nostalgic and made me right a few lines on the Black Box.

The harder I try to forget the stronger they get
Those memories are not something to let go
Now that I know what it was all about its tough
To walk away and pretend that it meant nothing
The more I try to push you away from me
The closer you become with your compelling charm
You’ve got a spell on me that I know for sure
What else could it possibly be that I can’t let go
The sentiments and the moments in time
Can I just forget something that meant so deep?
I’ve got it all in the back of my brain in my blackbox
And I am afraid to move them back to my hearts' treasure chest
If I move those feelings, sentiments to my dear heart
To the treasure chest and let them unravel the truth
I know it may either make me or break me that’s for sure
I would not know unless I really take the chance
So the question remains at this point of time
Should I or should I not take this chance again
Will it alter the course once and for all someplace
Or will it crash land and be blown to the dust?
Life is never fair and I suppose it will never be
For those who love with an unquenchable passion
It’s always a risk of falling apart, crumbling like pastry
The battle of the mind and heart that never parts in peace

I know not!

I know not if you will be around when this is all over
I know not if you will be here when everything else begins
I know not if you will still be my guiding light
I know not – I know not
I know not if there will be places we wished to go
I know not if there will be those we wanted to meet
I know not if there will be the sights sounds to encounter
I know not - I know not
I know not if I will still be the same as you once knew
I know not if I will still be your lover or just your muse
I know not if the future will hold what’s meant to be
I know not – I Know not

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