The Pumpkin Issue

The country I come from has an ancient rich heritage of Agriculture. The ancient kings of Sri Lanka leaves enough evidence for us to know how much effort was put into agriculture with its irrigation methods.

But with centuries gone by, little do we see that has been done to take agriculture to the next level. Technology has advanced but not the Agriculture industry in Sri Lanka. Hence, the Pumpkin issue!

Recently many governmental and non-governmental departments came together to promote sales and to relieve the pumpkin farmers of their excess produce. Approximately 100,000Kg with the price tag of a
a measly Rs. 100/-. per pumpkin at a pumpkin street sale.
It is a good endeavor !

However, has no one thought of tackling this pumpkin issue in a more proactive manner. it is not just pumpkin farmers that face these issues. Take a walk in the hill country of Sri Lanka and you will see that many farmers just let carrots, beets, leeks, cabbages, raddish to rot in their fields as they could not sell it for a decent price and the middle man always has the upper hand with pricing. What a waste!

Recently, a minister states that eating pumpkin enhances the beauty of women. Seriously, is this how one we tackle agriculture related issues in Sri Lanka?

How come these pumpkin farmers are not able to sell their crop for a decent pay? Is it not worth their toil and labor? How come their general quality of life has not developed? Why are there no services to educate the general public about by- products of the pumpkin nor its value additions.

Pumpkins are such a good and healthy source for our diet in many ways. It could be preserved, made into soup, could be used as pureed pumpkin and a thickening agent for various dishes. Then there is pumpkin as desserts and could easily be used as a form of a sweetened drink. Think about the pumpkin seeds.

May be some folks are already making some business out of what I’ve mentioned above. But why are the farmers not educated and equipped on these? Is it because we have become a lazy generation, wanting the quickest of the solutions to such problems and the instant solutions for everything.

There are countries which would die for pumpkins and here we have it go it waste. What a shame!

I seriously hope that the people at the top who have the authority, power and access to funding would seriously save this country from the pathetic agricultural frail and look in to more sustainable farming and agri bio technology methodologies to tackle issues in a non-reactive manner. We need to close the disparity gap and elevate the life of the general farmer. After all they bring us some food to our table!


Tea with Duran Duran

If there is a place in streets of Fort, Colombo that makes me very nostalgic, I would say it is the Pagoda Tea Room at Chatham Street.

I guess it is my love towards the 80’s band Duran Duran; a great British band from Brummy.

Though I was exposed to thier music in the 80’s as a child and an early teen I was completely oblivious and ignorant to not know that the great footage from thier music video Hungry Like TheWolf was filmed mainly this is quaint tea room and surrounding streets of Fort, Colombo.

My British boss mentioned this to me back in 2010 but I did nothing to discover this place untill my husband-to-be at the time invited me here for a cuppa tea – According to Jude, the cupa tea served here along with an eclair or the infamouse pineapple gateau slice is heavenly. Few things we have in common is our sweet tooth. So, somewhere in 2012, I did actually made it to this place and I just felt so nostalgic. Hungry Like The Wolf just played in my head a million times.

To make things all the more interesting, we meet this server who as actually been working at this tea room at the time Duran Duran filmed the music video. So he said ” Ah ofcourse, I was just a young lad when Dooran Dooran was here”. So immediately we made a connection; I connected with this place so much since then.

During the years we enjoyed many lunch and tea times with just ourselves or with a friend or two never failing to tell the story of this place and at times wondered if Duran Duran would want to pay a visit here.

Time passes by and this is 2019. With my work in very close proximity to this tea house I always manage to escape and spend some time here to enjoy some snacks and bask in my nostalgic moment. Sadly, the delicious rice and curry is no longer served but as take away packs. The traditional tea has been replaced with machine made instant teas.

Tourists and locals alike make the best of this place today. I’ve even witnessed interviews and work meetings take place at the Pagoda Tea Room. I guess it has become somewhat of a cosy comfy hangout for many in the area may it be shopping, commuting or working.

Depsite the many changes that has taken place over the years, I believe as a Duran Duran fan, I will always cherish this tea room and have that strong connection for as long as I live.

To me it will always be a nostalgic memory that I have created in my head about having tea with Duran Duran whilst they prepared themselves for the music video Hungry Like The Wolf, which happens to be one of my favorite songs, espcially the rendition by David Cook champion of Americal Idol Season 7. A hint to my favourite things.

Cheers to Duran Duran!

Last trip for 2018!

From 25th – 27th December accompanied by my husband Jude and some other friends, we decided to do a trip around the Knuckels Mountain Range in Sri Lanka. This was mostly to chase waterfalls.

Thanks to the main man who organized the trip we managed to stay in some bungalows owned by The Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation in the Hagalla.

Our modes of travel were by 4WD’s; other options would probably be only via Motorbikes, jeeps, vans or tuk tuks. Though plagued with leech bites we all did have a really good time up there in the Knuckles Range.

Some of the waterfalls area below. Saree Ella Falls, Jodu Ella Falls, Girindi Ella Falls, Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls, Lebanon 1 Falls etc.

The best time to see waterfalls in Sri Lanka is during November to January where rains feed into the waterways and you could experience luscious waterfalls. Be prepared with rain cover and leach protection and never remove leeches if they are already hooked on to your skin. Just let them have thier fill and they will fall off. Then spit on a fresh leaf and just place it on the bite. The locals use a vareity of things ranging from dettol, salt, soap water to get the leeches of thier skin. Also recommended to apply a local balm called siddhalepa.

Its highly recommended to take a guide with you when hiking the knuckles range. By doing so you could save yourself from getting lost or facing imminent danger. Be careful when treading on waterways of waterfalls.

Quaint Place – Idalgashinne

This unusual name on the train route from Colombo to Badulla caught my eye few weeks ago as I was just dreaming of a small holiday to get away and enjoy the weekend at a quaint little place – Idalgashinne.

It is a little town in the rail route between Ohiya and Haputale.

Srilankan railroutes are very scenic, especially those that travel via the luscious mountains of Sri Lanka with beautiful tea plantations and thick forests with surprising waterfalls. It is a must for any visitor who plans a holiday in Sri Lanka.

Well, I did not book the train in advance and then ended up going via jeep. The road to the litttle bunglow is quite rough at the last few km’s.

I had company and my friend was a capable driver we managed to get to our location before just after dark . I would advise you to take the train as a car cannot tread these last bits of the road and a good 4WD may cost you a fortune.

So after weeks of desiring to get there I did finally make it there. It was too dark to see anything by the time I reached there. However, I woke up to a glorious sunrise with clouds just lingering in the lower mountains and clear skies above bringing colour as the sun rose. It was beautiful. 

view from Peak Rest at Idalgashinne Sri Lanka
view from garden of Peak Rest at Idalgashinne
photograph :  RosheyFotografie

It was worth the wake at 530 in the morning to catch the sunrise. The mountains were gloriously blue. I call them the Blue mountains of Haputale.

If you do make a little trip to Sri Lanka do remember to just take the train or hike along the tracks to Idalgashinne. 

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) is a great movie in my opinion. It’s all about Freddie than it’s about Queen. Many fans would have expected it to be more of Queen but I thought otherwise and I loved every bit of it.

For obvious reasons its hard to get the real Mr.Faranheit but Rami Malek was the closest you can get I guess and I thought it was great effort put in by the actor though his eyes were so far from being Freddie.

Born in the 80’s,  a person such as myself was completely exposed to the madness of music in the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t think that my palette had a taste of Queen or Freddie as a youngster in early teens in the 90’s but I do remember seeing this woman with a moustache in the video “I want to break free

I immediately loved the song but had no clue what it was all about except the part ” God knows… I want to break free” as that is exactly what I accustomed to growing up in a family with very strict disciplinarians. Believe it or not I was not even allowed to watch music videos on TV programmes as it was considered evil and unholy.

Later in life I became a huge fan of Queen but was not too interested to know the life of Freddie himself but with the movie out I started doing a little research to read facts about his actual life.

The movie was so moving that I cried through the last bits where it depicted Queens performance at Live Aid 1985. I had no idea how big Live Aid was untill I started reading  Meltdown by Ben Elton . coincidently, I just read about Live Aid in this particular book just days before I went for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. And it really resonated with me at the time, understanding about the life of Freddie.

I couldn’t help but wonder why the rest of the band members did or did not do to rescue Freddie from his promiscuous friends and lifestyle. Even Mary –  what had she done or not done.  One thought just flashed into my mind of something my father always told me. “Be careful of whom you call friends”. As I said my parents, my dad in particular was always so very concerned about the type of friends I had, and his over-protective stance has worked in two-ways. As a child it was hard for me to feel inclusive amongst certain circles of friends simply because I did not have the kind of freedom. But, later as I grew up and became an adult it has benefitted me in being able to understand about making and keeping friends good vs bad. Those that are true friends despite how the world sees them; which friends actually love me for who I am – my true self! This was an eye opener.

Anyway, back to Freddie.

This is one of favourite quotes of Mr. Farenheit. “When I’m dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance” – Freddie Mercury

How many of us out there even think  being of some worth and substance to ourselves or others?

I do not wish to be judgemental about Freddie. He left this wolrd when I was just 10 years old. But since I have made an effort to research of his life and works one thing is clear.

Above all, above fame and the limelight, he required only one thing and one thing alone in his life –  LOVE

He had so much love inside of him  –  But he did not know himself or how to express it! Its sad that he is no more!

It is all about Love end of the day! If there is no love – there is only one thing – Hate!


gray metal statue of man raising hand near dock
Photo by bruce mars on



So high!

Is it a good thing or a bad thing

To climb every mountain my eyes behold
To fill up my lungs with the air on top
Bask in the clouds above the peaks
Feel the cool breeze passing by
Just chilax and click some frames

This is me just at this place called this “Worlds End”
Horton Plains in Sri Lanka my favourite place
I could just live here till my dying day
Watch the sun moon stars and clouds so high!

Photograph by :RosheYfotografie

Modern Slaves

Be it a trafficked migrant, a child labours, a housewife with an abusive husband, adult children who steal their parent’s pension, a wife whose hardworking employee who gets nothing of what she earns or vise versa.. I see modern slaves everywhere.

Slavery know no shapes sizes and forms; it is irrespective of age, gender, nationality, geography.

According to the Antislavery International

There are estimated 40.3 million people in modern slavery around the world.

  • 10 million children
  • 24.9 million people in forced labour
  • 15.4 million people in forced marriage
  • 4.8 million people in forced sexual exploitation

40.3 million is a lot of people and slavery at this day and age is a bigger deal than it was back in the day.

You’d expect humans to have advanced with technology and education but modern slavery has a subtle way in making itself known.

Forced to work, restrictions on freedom of movement,treated as commodity, abuse are a few terms in which you could describe the cruel circumstances of these victims. Some have been born into slavery, others with or without choice, due to negligence or even choice to merely survive.

I wonder how many of these modern slaves actually have the courage to live through their slavery as opposed to taking thier lives and ending the pain. It is a sad, grave situation I cannot even fathom.

There is so much talk about migration issues around the world with the super powers not wanting to address these issues in a humane way. After all they are protecting their borders. But the super powers are there not to just dominate the world in being rich and powerful, they are also accountable to bring in solutions to issues such as modern slavery to countries which are less developed, less privileged and deprived of resources and skills to tackle such a crucial issue.

There is no true freedom in this world. A citizenship of a country is almost a birthright to many. But how many out there wish they had the citizenship of a more developed country where they have resources and opportunities to grow, live and fulfill at least some of their dreams. It’s an unfair state!

And if you are a slave in the land you live in there is no getting out!No where to go!
We are all humans who deserve a good life with true freedom!


Facing Reality

So, I was inspired to write something after watching the movie – Girls Trip (2017)

Its all about the blings of life that makes us forget the real people who are there for us –  when we need someone the most!

Some friends will stick by you through the thick and thin whilst others for the fame
Facing reality in life is so much easier when you first learn to accept lifes’ game

Facing reality the raw and ugly truth is mostly always such a pain
Yet, it will save you a lot of tears and heartbreak and stregth gain

Learn not to live in self denial and petty love over others hearts
First love yourself a bit more before you go loving others hearts

Speak up at the right time before its too late to be heard
Its your own life that needs to be saved and not be marred

Its pointless comtemplating on putting new wine in old wine skin
Learn to move on and seize the moment, only for the moment and the moment’s gone

Be yourself and don’t go changing who you are
Whole universe will have, had and will have just “one you”!


Photograph: Pexles

Love your enemy

This is a profound verse in the bible mentioned in the book of Proverbs 25:21

“If you see your enemy hungry, go buy him lunch; if he’s thirsty, bring him a drink”.

The following verse is even more interesting, found in Proverbs 25:22

“Your generosity will surprise him with goodness, and God will look after you.”

I just wonder how many out there have actually practiced the 1st verse and experienced the blessing in the 2nd verse.

The first is not the most natural thing a human could do to their enemy. The second only God can allow to happen in a human’s life.

I guess it speaks about the true freedom one would receive after being able to truly and unconditionally love their enemy.


People on the Bench

So you’d see people at parks, airports, street corners and rail stations just seated on the bench. 

Recently I saw this interesting photograph of three men seated on a park bench.

I am moved to write this tale of three men on a park bench.

The picture is profound; in black and white.  In the absence of colours there is a lot which cannot be understood. The colours of the clothes the three men are wearing. If the weather on that day is sunny or gloomy etc.  The photograph is taken from the side angle of the bench and the bench facing the left of the photograph framed so well in the right corner with the three incumbents facing the left of the photograph. None of them seem to have any baggage on them. No wallet, no cigarettes. Nothing! Their hands are empty. Just themselves seated on the bench, waiting for something or someone.

The man in the middle is a relatively young man and the other two probably in their 60’s. Yet again age and looks are deceiving these days. They may not be that old as I presume them to be.  The young man in the middle holds claps his palms together in mid-air with a slight smile on his face. Maybe, just may be he was aware of the photograph that was taken.

The other two men looking thoughtful. I do not know if this is one family as they are all seated so close to each other in that small park bench.

The man on the right most corner of the picture has a slight frown I believe. He has got white hair and moustache. May be he was sceptical of the photographer invading his privacy or may be he was intrigued to know what beauty beheld the eyes of the photographer.

The man on the left corner also has his hands in some midway gesture. There is a slight motion; he has his right hand on his right cheek and his left hand clinging on to his right arm. He has a slight grin on his face. It seems lit up in comparison to the man on the right. May be he fancied his photograph been taken.

I wonder what their emotions and thoughts were just before the photographer appeared on the scene, or how the awareness of thier photo been captured shifted gears in thier emotions and thoughts.  Despite the inadequacy of information on a black and white photograph I always see things very plain in black and white.

Cartoonified – Felonius Gru

So, this is to my imagination of actual human beings who suddenly transform into cartoon characters. (not necessarily just human, but animals.. trees etc)

It’s not just that they remind me of cartoons, but I imagine what they would be like in the cartoon world.. how they would look, what they’d wear and how they’d talk, smile or frown. And then there are times when I see cartoon characters’ names in real life; and it is quite amusing to see how they resemble their fellow cartoon character with the same name. (I am so tempted to quote a name here but I will refrain from doing so) 

So recently, I’ve been grouping some characters together and making them a family. It’s quite fun what goes on in my head.

For example, I now have in my list three men whom I feel resembles Felonius Gru. I would have loved to mention their names, but I cannot.  One from work, one from a mutual group of friends and the other a musician.

image :

The musician, a good friend of mine, he has much longer hair than Gru and has such an innocent face of that of a pet hamster. Trust me, he has been in existence long before Gru was ever thought of. Now that people know Gru, I believe that my musician friend could be mistaken with Felonuis Gru with much longer hair if he were to be seen walking in the dark; his silhouette unmistakably Gru.

The one from work, I barely know him personally. But from the very first day I noticed him, he just reminded me of Gru. This one’s hair-line is perfect with that of Gru’s, and does a lot of hang gestures when speaking and paces across the room like a really stressed out character, when the other he is speaking with is as calm as a cucumber. So you can imagine what tales generate in my mind.

And finally, the last of the Gru’s is the mutual friend– now he is always looking worried. Even before the problem is thought of he is looking worried, sounding worried but all the form and posture of Gru.

I must say that none of the above humans look evil in any way. They all look innocent, but their posture, physical and personality attributes reminds me of good ol’ Gru.

Losing Hope

So I’ve heard that the last string someone holds on to their dear life, is Hope. If you have Hope you have the will to fight and the strength to go one. However, what do you say to someone whose at the brim of loosing Hope?

When they have tried all options which matter to them and it all seemed a miserable failure and there is no more to hold on to, not even Hope! That’s what I call loosing Hope.

And then someone else has said that Religion is a form of giving Hope. Firstly, I do not believe in the thing called “Religion”. I choose to define it as a Divine relationship.

Yet again, what do you tell someone who has this Divine relationship (the belief of something like a Religion known to the rest of world) but has severely failed in life – may be due to bad choices and listening to the wrong voices? No matter how faithful they have been to the cause and their belief in the Divine relationship – the truth is they have failed and not picked up from where they tripped. But tried really hard in every humanely possible way.

I honestly would not know how I could encourage someone in this situation. If you’ve read all the way upto the end of this post, it means you were interested in what was being said. Therefore, I request of you to please state your thoughts / views on same in the comments.

Thank You!


A brief walk through the brief

For those who are unfamiliar with my island nation Sri Lanka, we are geographically situated in the Indian ocean just a bit below India. And no, we are not part of India (Indian friends please don’t take any offense), we are a nation of our own with rich heritage and vibrant culture, predominantly with Buddhists and minorities of Hindus, Catholics, Christians and Islamist.

This poem is dedicated to Bevis Bawa and his garden the brief

Here we were on a typical family holiday with family
In Bentota the coastal sun kissed Southern Sri Lanka
I was bored of resting which is normal and usual

“Hey lets go see some places around us would you be keen?”
I threw a question at my poor husband who was resting
“Yes sure, you decide and let me know while I close my eyes” he said

Thank you googlemaps what will we do without you
I saw something that caught my eye called “The Brief”
Curiosity killed the cat they say but not for me
Investigating for online reviews I got all thrilled

So it was a drive for less than an hour by car
Lo and behold! we reached the narrow road not far
A winding driveway with fields of Rubber afar

The little path leading to the entry point was smashing
With all these tall palm trees on either side swaying
The lush varieties of greens so warmly rewarding

A man stood by the doorway with the tickets we needed
Not through the door which he came out but gate he pleaded
It was indeed another world when once the gate was opened

Trees of all kinds of colour,foilage and blossoms
A tropical jungle with a narrow winding path going places
My eyes were serenading at its beauty with glances
“Jungle Book” I remembered from reviews online

The smells of all kinds of leaves and flowers
A jungle with trees so tall, no sun at times
We felt like little children let loose
Discovering and wandering all sorts of pathways

There are little secret pathways to wander off
Choose to leave the main path you’ll miss thereof
The strange surprise that awaits for you whereof
A beautifully landscaped garden hereof

The distant hills and plantations from the front
A majestic house sits on the highest in the back
Sway around and let the panoramic view embrace you
To me twas a tiered green cake with an icing house on top

Take a brief walk through the brief
Built by Bevis Bawa the man himself
A walk through the house you will discover
Why the “The Brief” was called the ” The Brief”

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Photographs by : RosheY Fotografie

Imagine Fall

Photo by Vali S. from Pexels


So whats with me and fall, I’ll tell you why

I aint livin in a country where we have fall

In fact we don’t even have four seasons

Just the monsoons, dry and wet weather


I’ve read too many books that describes fall

The colors that is what got me thinking imagine fall

Oh! the photographs of all sorts on google and all

Just would not let me stop thinking about fall


I long to be in a land where there is fall

To see the colors in all its splendor and all

I do not know what to expect at real fall

But I know it will be a blast than to imagine fall

Songs in a Poem -1

Dancing in the moonlight to your Bitter Sweet symphony it Takes my breath away

It must have been love but I was hanging by a moment thinking of the Shape of my heart

I was Waiting for a star to fall in those Electric dreams with your Hungry eyes

Boys of Summer Don’t dream it’s over Wrapped in Brilliant Disguise

Time after time I’ve been Dreaming of you tonight singing Take me home tonight

Sweet child of mine Your body is a wonderland – Paradise

But you’ve kept me Free fallin saying Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Wherever you will go I’ll be the one Mr. Brightside Take on me

Always on my mind Jump Scream With or Without you Angels

Dancing on the ceiling with November Rain aint it Joy ride

Where the stars go blue When you say nothing at all Say my name

I wanna wake up with you with Drops of Jupiter and Careless Whispers

Say you say me Just the two of us All night long Jammin Always

Don’t stop believing in Livin on a prayer we can Rule the World

Do that to me one more time Sail Away to Funky town Please don’t go

Please forgive me Like a virgin Lady Pour some sugar on me

Love is a battlefield Wake me up before you go Man on motion

How will I know All my Life that We didn’t start the fire – Don’t speak

Black or White Wonder wall You need to know I can’t stop this feeling anymore

Staying Alive I will survive Superstition Billie Jean Just like heaven

Save a prayer when I need you Jess You can’t touch this Bette Davis eyes

Every rose has it’s thorn Michelle, I shot the sheriff 99 Red balloons

Don’t you want me Born in the U.S.A Owner of a lonely heart

70 years of Independence in Sri Lanka

04th of February 2018 – Independence Day of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is celebrating its 70th Independence Day on 04th of February this year and as a Srilankan citizen whose lived since the 80’s I thought of penning some thoughts about what national independence truly means to me.

With receiving its Independence status after the British Monarchy in 1948, Sri Lanka then known as Ceylon had bloodshed in all other forms, devouring the lives of many who once lived here. The rivalry between ethnics within the country and the discrimination towards minority led Ceylon into a gruesome civil war for almost 30 years.

In my opinion, racism truly has its upper hand over the 22 million citizens of this island nation. Racism has also stemmed into religious upheaval during the past decades. I see no difference of being racially afflicted back in the early 90’s as a child in school, nor as an adult who’s now employed as a professional. Ethnic and religious differences are strongly rooted in our nation. Words are exchanged, comments are made, and if you happen to be the minority among the majority, you do have to live a few days here and there having to tolerate with what comes out from the majority. The least of the minority is afflicted the most with this “deeply unsettled yet peaceful on the surface” scenario in this country. Children are brought up the same way as they were in the 70’s and 80’s giving them a strong identity in their ethnic and religious roots, encouraging evil into little hearts. The perpetrators have no respect, nor do they even fathom the idea of ‘discrimination’ in any form.

And now, I move on to gender discrimination. As a female child, I grew up dreaming of being an astronaut, a scientist or soldier- a title that was ‘thought to be most suitable’ for that of a male child. Why was this? perhaps, I felt in my inmost being that women were treated less and that they too deserved to be an astronaut, a scientist or a soldier. (Maybe it was just put there in my spirit when I was born in to this world). I saw it in the behavior of the adults, the way women were treated in the societies which I grew up in. And then, I realized its not my upbringing, this mentality was not restricted to a particular society or a culture –  its global. And it was very normal for an island nation like Sri Lanka, to be so. Men rule the world!

As a Professional I see the need of women more than ever in the workplace. Where have all the qualified capable women in our society gone? They are in hiding in their homes taking care of their children, having other responsibilities or cleaning up someone else’s mess. This does not portray the God given female qualities that will benefit the economy of this country.

By now, you may picture me as a feminist. I am not! But, I feel for my sisters and friends have who are burdened with responsibilities of a woman. Flip the coin, and you will find women heading their households. The civil war has left behind too many women heading households. What they faced with during their lifetime, I do not know and cannot even imagine their frustrations in being the breadwinner of their homes.

Well, back to topic of Independence. Looking at life in general in Sri Lanka for the past 30 years, I mostly feel that we actually don’t have the kind of Independence that we desire or anticipate. We are merely celebrating the liberation from a monarchy – that’s a harsh statement, but I believe it’s the truth. We are still slaves to the very things we have created for ourselves, the religions, the cultures, the way of life etc.

Independence to me will be the day I experience true liberty in our Sri Lankan societies where cultures will have no barriers, religion nor ethnic roots will not interfere with true liberation and camaraderie. Women will be treated equally. Children will be loved and protected. Every child will attend school and have access to excellent basic education. Only Love can give us the kind of liberty we hope for!

This is what I call Independence. After all, we are humans and we were never created to live independent lives; but inter-dependent lives. We need Love! Sri Lanka May Love Find You!

“Let there be loved shared among us – Let there be love in our eyes

May now this love sweep this nation to arise

Give us a fresh understanding of love that is true

Let there be love shared among us – Let there be Love!” (Quote: from a song)

This year I thought I will start blogging about my travels. So here goes.

First Saturday of 2018 –  06012018 

I have been an avid bird enthusiast, but didn’t make much effort to study more about them, like their proper names and identification (ID) until I met my husband whose serious birding enthusiast from a very young age and knew quite a lot of information and proper ID’s of the birds as opposed to what I knew them to be, taught by adults.

Migratory birds flock throughout Sri Lanka from the months of November and linger on until March. I’ve heard that they travel from afar; some even across the Himalayas.

The spontaneous tour to Anawilundawa required a bit of sacrifice waking up at 0330hrs when you have only gone to sleep past midnight after a long day and night out. We started our exciting journey at 0400hrs with some essentials; Bird books, camera, some goodies, a hot water flask to make black tea, plenty of water and a mat, just in case we decided to just lounge somewhere on bare land and take a nap or rest.

Thank God for the freeway from Peliyagoda to Katunayake; if not leaving home (south of Colombo) at 0400hrs would make no sense to reach our destination in time to catch up with the morning birds.We drove through the Colombo baseline road (a very straightforward one) to reach the starting point of the freeway at Peilyagoda. Next, headed out towards the Negombo road heading North.

The usual self as I am, in my sleepiness mistook the location we intended to visit but thankfully managed to identify the correct location thanks to googlemaps. We reached the turn off point to Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary by 0630am. Since the pathway from the main road into the sanctuary is a circular path we decided to take a turn off from the main road earlier than the indicated road pathway on maps.

Map of Ananawilundawa
Map of Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary

We drove in our car and it was just a narrow path way with wetland on either side. So, if you plan to drive it’s advisable you take a smaller car just in case another vehicle approaches you; you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a stalemate nor keep reversing on a narrow-elevated path with sharply stooped on both sides into the waterways. Since we are experts having driven around many places including narrow paths in the hill country and sandy off-road paths to beaches in Sri Lanka on our Prius, this was not challenge to us.

However, cycling on these paths would be the most ideal and scenic experience as it’s so quiet and peaceful with hardly any other sounds, but that of nature itself.

Unfortunately for us, the wetlands were completely dried out due to the prevailing drought in the country, giving us very little opportunity to locate the birds which we were expecting to sight at this location. If you are on google maps you would see a few tanks termed as ‘wewa’ – (the Sinhala language term for lake or natural water body and in Tamil language it will be addressed as “Kulam” )However, there were approximately 100 of lesser whistling ducks in some of the wetland where was significant water; it was such a pleasure to watch a juvenile duckling being cared for by the adults.

Anawilundawa wetland sanctuary ©RosheYfotografie
One of the many narrow paths at Anawilundawa Sanctuary Sri Lanka ©RosheYfotografie

We also witnessed 02 Brahminy kites dashing after a juvenile white breasted sea eagle who seemed to have nicked their prey. They frightened the little duckling and in a matter of a few seconds most of the adult ducks flocked around the lone duckling; carefully guarding it.

With all the drama ending we decided to have a little picnic break and did enjoy the cool of the morning; it was quite windy. After relaxing for some time, with a hot cup of tea (thanks to our hotwater flask and tea bags) we got back in our car and drove along the pathway spotting more birds. Within the sanctuary we also sighted an Indian Roller, Paradise Flycatcher, Brahminy Kites, Bee Eaters, Juvenile White bellied sea Eagle, White throated Kingfisher etc.

Then around 1145hrs we headed back to the main road and just a few kilometers approached a restaurant Batuluoya Family Restaurant which was excellent for our lunch break; rice and curry and a cool drink and the price was reasonable for Rs.660/-. This location also had very clean washroom. It was clean spacious spot with ample parking and good local food (rice & curry).

Thereafter we moved onto Udappu –  a fishing village close to the Mundal lagoon. On the beach where the lagoon meets the ocean,we saw quite a lot of  Terns on the beach basking in the hot sun at noon.

Udappuwa beach and Mundal Lagoon ©RosheYfotografie
Mundal Lagoon meets the Indian Ocean at Udappuwa town               ©RosheYfotografie

Due to the extreme hot weather conditions we couldn’t survive out in the open and parked our car under a tree and tried to nap for about an hour or so.

Around 1500hrs we left Udappu and returned the main road towards the Chilaw town and stopped over at the Chilaw Rest house for a snack and tea. I must say that they serve really good fish sandwiches with a generous spread of butter and a very milky cup of tea. Again, this was quite reasonable for Rs. 682/- (inclusive of service charge)  as we had 03 double sided toast sandwiches (cut in half in to 06 mini toast sandwiches) and 02 cups of tea plus a good wash room to use.

To our amusement and adventurous spirit, we decided to drive down the road along the ocean for about a 15Km until the car could not drive through the weather-beaten road which was semi-corroded.  Then we inquired from the locals on the road conditions and decided to head back towards the main road. This could be a very promising ‘the great ocean road’ of Sri Lanka, if the authorities only saw what we saw.

Ocean road from Chilaw to Colombo
Could be great ocean road of Sri Lanka – West Coast

Back on the Colombo bound main road, we stopped over at Dinemore in Negombo to grab a bite for dinner. This was around 2000hrs. The place was clean and not as crowded as the ones in Colombo.

It was a long day but very eventful and very rewarding.

More stories from my travel diaries across Sri Lanka – coming soon!



Hello 2018!

So this is another new year. Good bye 2017 and Hello 2018! I have been thinking of trying to keep up with blogging but haven’t made up my mind on what I plan to write. something blog-worthy.

In 2018, I have decided to share some stories about my travels in and #aroundSriLanka.

Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia, geographically located between latitudes and 10°N, and longitudes 79° and 82°E with climate as tropical and warm. We are a multi cultural nation with a majority of Sinhalese as a race and Buddhism as the religion in majority.

As a travel enthusiast whose more of a bird chaser, I enjoy the company of my travel companion whose also my husband and an avid adventurer.

Soon, you will see some interesting stories and pictures here.

Enjoy my travel diaries!

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