The Pumpkin Issue

The country I come from has an ancient rich heritage of Agriculture. The ancient kings of Sri Lanka leaves enough evidence for us to know how much effort was put into agriculture with its irrigation methods. But with centuries gone by, little do we see that has been done to take agriculture to the next... Continue Reading →

Tea with Duran Duran

If there is a place in streets of Fort, Colombo that makes me very nostalgic, I would say it is the Pagoda Tea Room at Chatham Street. I guess it is my love towards the 80's band Duran Duran; a great British band from Brummy. Though I was exposed to thier music in the 80's... Continue Reading →

This year I thought I will start blogging about my travels. So here goes. First Saturday of 2018 -  06012018  I have been an avid bird enthusiast, but didn’t make much effort to study more about them, like their proper names and identification (ID) until I met my husband whose serious birding enthusiast from a... Continue Reading →

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