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My playlist

So here’s some music that I enjoy listening to any time of the day.

Hope you will check them out and enjoy!

  1. Jump – Pointer Sisters
  2. Sahara Nights – FR David
  3. Twist my Sobriety – Tanita Tikaram
  4. Hold On – Wilson Philips
  5. Don’t Dream its Over – Crowded House
  6. I keep Forgetting – Michael McDonald
  7. Just Like Heaven – Katie Melua
  8. Hold me now – Thompson Twins
  9. Black Velvet– Alanna Myles
  10. Stay – Lisa Loeb
  11. Ordinary Day – Duran Duran
  12. Don’t stop me now – Queen
  13. Holiday – Scorpians
  14. Freedom – Wham
  15. We didn’t start the fire – Billy Joel
  16. Eye in the Sky – The Alan Parsons Project
  17. Get outta my dreams get in to my car – Billy Ocean
  18. Owner of a lonely heart – Yes
  19. Wrapped – Gloria Estefan
  20. Make me loose control – Eric Carmen
  21. Man in motion – John Parr
  22. Maria – Blondie
  23. Everybody’s Changing – Keane
  24. Dancing on the ceiling – Lionel Richie
  25. I knew you were waiting – George Michael, Aretha Franklin


I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of the pop music from the 80’s and this is one one those songs that will stay on with me for a long long time.

Forever Young by Alphaville.

I’ve not made any comments about the Band itself, to be honest I don’t follow them anymore. But this song has got me hooked on to it since my early teens back in the 90’s.

The lyrics of the song are wierd in a good way. Many may not connect with the lyrics but there is some truth to it.

My favourite verse:

Forever Young – Alphaville

Do check out the song. Try and listen without checking out the video. Read the lyrics too. The tune is vibrant but haunting.

Tea with Duran Duran

If there is a place in streets of Fort, Colombo that makes me very nostalgic, I would say it is the Pagoda Tea Room at Chatham Street.

I guess it is my love towards the 80’s band Duran Duran; a great British band from Brummy.

Though I was exposed to thier music in the 80’s as a child and an early teen I was completely oblivious and ignorant to not know that the great footage from thier music video Hungry Like TheWolf was filmed mainly this is quaint tea room and surrounding streets of Fort, Colombo.

My British boss mentioned this to me back in 2010 but I did nothing to discover this place untill my husband-to-be at the time invited me here for a cuppa tea – According to Jude, the cupa tea served here along with an eclair or the infamouse pineapple gateau slice is heavenly. Few things we have in common is our sweet tooth. So, somewhere in 2012, I did actually made it to this place and I just felt so nostalgic. Hungry Like The Wolf just played in my head a million times.

To make things all the more interesting, we meet this server who as actually been working at this tea room at the time Duran Duran filmed the music video. So he said ” Ah ofcourse, I was just a young lad when Dooran Dooran was here”. So immediately we made a connection; I connected with this place so much since then.

During the years we enjoyed many lunch and tea times with just ourselves or with a friend or two never failing to tell the story of this place and at times wondered if Duran Duran would want to pay a visit here.

Time passes by and this is 2019. With my work in very close proximity to this tea house I always manage to escape and spend some time here to enjoy some snacks and bask in my nostalgic moment. Sadly, the delicious rice and curry is no longer served but as take away packs. The traditional tea has been replaced with machine made instant teas.

Tourists and locals alike make the best of this place today. I’ve even witnessed interviews and work meetings take place at the Pagoda Tea Room. I guess it has become somewhat of a cosy comfy hangout for many in the area may it be shopping, commuting or working.

Depsite the many changes that has taken place over the years, I believe as a Duran Duran fan, I will always cherish this tea room and have that strong connection for as long as I live.

To me it will always be a nostalgic memory that I have created in my head about having tea with Duran Duran whilst they prepared themselves for the music video Hungry Like The Wolf, which happens to be one of my favorite songs, espcially the rendition by David Cook champion of Americal Idol Season 7. A hint to my favourite things.

Cheers to Duran Duran!

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