Living in a bubble

Life has it is to many has its own ups and downs. Some have more strength to cope with pressures of life than some others. This does not make the former greater than the latter nor the latter more incapable than the former.

No two lives are the same and there is no ‘one solution’ which can resolve similar problems. Each one’s problem is unique, so must the solution be.

When others state that you are living in your bubble and not aware of the World outside, it may not be true, all the time. Sometimes, few of us choose to live in a bubble to safeguard ourselves from further harm and criticism.

Living in a bubble is not meant for everyone nor is it the best solution for all lifes problems. Some of us who are social butterflies when restricted to a bubble may not survive for too long. But then again, you may say it is by choice.

Not everyone has the choice of living in a bubble. You may succumb to situations and circumstances in life that directs you in to your bubble. It is a rather unpleasant forcible act which is beyond your liking or control.

To some of us, our bubble is are safe house, our cocoon. And no matter what the external factors say or think of us, we may not want to move out of our bubble until we feel its safe. But how would we know if it is safe at all?

Living in a bubble is a rather challenging. It may preserve us or it may destroy us. But who are we to know which is the best option. We must take a risk and see if it works out or not!

Like I said living in a bubble is not for everyone! Let the bubble you live in drift away to some place safe!


Is it in my Blood

Is it in my blood wanting to be outrageously adventerous

To go to places where no mans ever dreamed of


Is it in my blood wanting to wake up one morning

To find myself as the most wanted celebirty


Is it in my blood wanting to raid all over the streets

Rescuing all the street kids who need to live a life


Is it in my blood to become the astronaut that ever exists

To travel as far as the universe would take it


Is it in my blood wanting to take time out so I could

Just write this one piece of literature that would save a life

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I know it is in my blood –  All this madness birthed to life!

Peace with Oneself

Its hard when life is hard and that is hard on onself

You’d say its selfish, cowardly or evil to think of oneself

But what better way than trying to move on with oneself

Better peace with oneself than gain with all other selves

There would be something better on the other side for oneself


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