Losing Hope

So I’ve heard that the last string someone holds on to their dear life, is Hope. If you have Hope you have the will to fight and the strength to go one. However, what do you say to someone whose at the brim of loosing Hope?

When they have tried all options which matter to them and it all seemed a miserable failure and there is no more to hold on to, not even Hope! That’s what I call loosing Hope.

And then someone else has said that Religion is a form of giving Hope. Firstly, I do not believe in the thing called “Religion”. I choose to define it as a Divine relationship.

Yet again, what do you tell someone who has this Divine relationship (the belief of something like a Religion known to the rest of world) but has severely failed in life – may be due to bad choices and listening to the wrong voices? No matter how faithful they have been to the cause and their belief in the Divine relationship – the truth is they have failed and not picked up from where they tripped. But tried really hard in every humanely possible way.

I honestly would not know how I could encourage someone in this situation. If you’ve read all the way upto the end of this post, it means you were interested in what was being said. Therefore, I request of you to please state your thoughts / views on same in the comments.

Thank You!



Men are like Trees

Men are like trees says the living word

Some trees blossom and some bear fruit

Others they just stand in your way waiting

To make you stumble on your life’s way


They seem to know your levels of faith

If not no mustard seed would be spoken of

What’s faith got to do.. got to do with this?

That kinda faith is enough to uproot them trees


You ought to believe me not because I say so

But the living word says “Men are like trees”

Son of Timaeus, Bartimaeus once said

When healed of his blindness by The One himself

His first sight of men was as that of trees

Surely,  Men are like trees, it is true after-all



Soul Vs Spirit

It will always be a struggle for people like us here in this world

Just passing by in this transit point like some alien of the universe

My soul says “It is enough, No more of this.. just end it now. Give up!”

My Spirit says ” You are more than that, Trust me when I say that,

You’ve got more in you and you must persevere!”

I believe in the Spirit but I need my Soul to be intact

Soul and Spirit they war every moment of our lives

In our waking and in our sleeping there is no rest for Soul Vs Spirit


Life will not be life…

Since my last blog it’s been 06 months since I’ve actually decided to pen something. I’ve had the thought of wanting to do it sooner; oh! how time flies.

Life will not be life, if not for the seasons –  filled with colours, aromas and flavours

Life will not be life, if not for the people – acquaintances, friendships; lifelong relationships

Life will not be life, if not for the experiences – some regretful and others refreshing

In all that Life continues to offer me –  I’ve learnt to embrace with love

Without “Love” –  where would I be right now!




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