Cartoonified – Felonius Gru

So, this is to my imagination of actual human beings who suddenly transform into cartoon characters. (not necessarily just human, but animals.. trees etc)

It’s not just that they remind me of cartoons, but I imagine what they would be like in the cartoon world.. how they would look, what they’d wear and how they’d talk, smile or frown. And then there are times when I see cartoon characters’ names in real life; and it is quite amusing to see how they resemble their fellow cartoon character with the same name. (I am so tempted to quote a name here but I will refrain from doing so) 

So recently, I’ve been grouping some characters together and making them a family. It’s quite fun what goes on in my head.

For example, I now have in my list three men whom I feel resembles Felonius Gru. I would have loved to mention their names, but I cannot.  One from work, one from a mutual group of friends and the other a musician.

image :

The musician, a good friend of mine, he has much longer hair than Gru and has such an innocent face of that of a pet hamster. Trust me, he has been in existence long before Gru was ever thought of. Now that people know Gru, I believe that my musician friend could be mistaken with Felonuis Gru with much longer hair if he were to be seen walking in the dark; his silhouette unmistakably Gru.

The one from work, I barely know him personally. But from the very first day I noticed him, he just reminded me of Gru. This one’s hair-line is perfect with that of Gru’s, and does a lot of hang gestures when speaking and paces across the room like a really stressed out character, when the other he is speaking with is as calm as a cucumber. So you can imagine what tales generate in my mind.

And finally, the last of the Gru’s is the mutual friend– now he is always looking worried. Even before the problem is thought of he is looking worried, sounding worried but all the form and posture of Gru.

I must say that none of the above humans look evil in any way. They all look innocent, but their posture, physical and personality attributes reminds me of good ol’ Gru.


My Restless Brain

It’s one of those days of the week where my brain just runs wild

With thoughts, ideas, reviews, people, images and imaginations

It’s an outburst of somethings which never seems to end – a song that never stops

A movie which keeps rolling – wanting to learn a language or play the bass

All kinds of things and musings in my poor restless brain!


My brain is filled with stories untold, songs unsung, music never played

The mental notes just keep playing its tunes over and over again

I close my eyes hoping to silence my mind and make my brain stop

Calm myself and take a few deep slow breaths – hoping to slow down

But its just another day in my restless brain!


I know not what to do with my restless brain at times like these

Unless to just let it exhaust itself to boredom and tiredness

And then again when I take a breath and think its all over

Here goes, all over again my restless brain!

Bird’s-eye View


Hey you creatures! we were there before you

And look at you now just ruling in rage over us

Less clean water, barely a good catch for us

no thanks humans! a pollutant I call you


My view is fine from right where I am

Gathering some Intel with a bird’s-eye view

Little do they know we are watching them

Chief Intelligence Officer, that’s who I am


Mental notes I make of all your vices

Draw them up in boardroom we gather

Earth will not be destroyed of your vices

We will retaliate against you together



Boredom and things

I know not what boredom could do to a soul

Whose desire is to be everything it is not

Day dreaming would be a good choice

Only if food to the plate was bought

Why some people are the way the are

Why some kids ask the questions they do

Why and how things could be a tad different

My brain feels jaded with same ol’ things

Wherever are the surprises, I miss them much

When your stuck to a desk for nine a day

There’s not much excitement for imagination

It is after-all the choice you made

To be where you are with what you do

But some choices are not yours to decide

It’s the compelling power of a higher source




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