Would I cry for you?

All this talk about death, graves and cemeteries has got me thinking of a little conversation I heard among two people.

“Would you cry for me at my death?” one asked the other

“Yes” was the simple but authentic answer

“Seriously.. lol” was the response of the person who questioned

Why is it so hard to believe that she would cry for you?


You may have done her all the wrong unimaginable

But did you forget that she is a rare gem with a big heart?

The kind that empathizes even with her worst of enemies

Yes ofcourse she would cry if she ever outlived you


Not everyone in this world is able to forget the past and move on

There’s so much preaching about forgiveness, none on forgetting

Its not the easiest thing to do when you’ve been ripped your heart open

For all to see what you were really believing and hoping for – the lie

But nevermind that time is long gone now, just a bad dream she says


It is not easy when the people who hurt you the most

Are none other than the ones you love the most

But end of the day with all said and done and some undone

Yes indeed someone will cry for you when you are gone

Becuase you made thier life a little bit more colourful end of the day!

Photograph by: Prexels




Take me as I am

Inspired by Wyclef and Sharissa’s songĀ  Take me as I am

In a world filled with promises so vast than the ocean

Dreams, ambitions and hopes as wide as the horizon

Lies, truth intermingled together sometimes grey

Who would really take you as you are?

Most often with so many things going on in our lives

We crave for love, not the emotion but the person love

You’d expect someone out there to just take you as you are

Despite your flaws mistakes complications and messes

We all need someone to take us as we are!



Boredom and things

I know not what boredom could do to a soul

Whose desire is to be everything it is not

Day dreaming would be a good choice

Only if food to the plate was bought

Why some people are the way the are

Why some kids ask the questions they do

Why and how things could be a tad different

My brain feels jaded with same ol’ things

Wherever are the surprises, I miss them much

When your stuck to a desk for nine a day

There’s not much excitement for imagination

It is after-all the choice you made

To be where you are with what you do

But some choices are not yours to decide

It’s the compelling power of a higher source




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