Where are you?

Its almost five months since I last saw you and felt you on my skin I've been missing your tender touch and the refreshing you bring Why have you been so far away from me for so long? Where are you now and who are you with this time? I am longing for you with... Continue Reading →

Unshackle Me

I dream of being loved by you - arm in arm, carefree I dream of basking in your warmth – skin to skin, you and I I dream of making love with you – just as before, unconditionally Unshackle Me - Let me love you or let me go These dreams in my head haunting... Continue Reading →

Thoughts. Words. Actions.

Thoughts thought “ I am cool”, Words said “ I am cooler”, Actions acted ‘I am the coolest” Thoughts thought “I need to be disciplined”, Words said “Remember, I need to be disciplined more”, Actions acted “I will discipline you” Thoughts thought “Make myself useful”, Words said “How may I help?”, Actions acted “Happy to... Continue Reading →


Tired of chasing after the lost Tired of chasing pretty rainbows Tired of self expectations Tired of hoping for the best Just Tired, Tired, Tired Tired of being patient Tired of being harassed Tired of feeling rejected Tired of feeling like a loser Just Tired, Tired, TiredWhen will this all end?When will I truly live?When... Continue Reading →

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